4 Reasons Why My Generation Needs to Watch 'Friends'
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4 Reasons Why My Generation Needs to Watch 'Friends'

Friends is still one of the most influential, and best, shows on Netflix, and I believe my generation can learn a great deal from it.

4 Reasons Why My Generation Needs to Watch 'Friends'

There was no doubt in my mind that everyone in my generation should see the TV show Friends before they die. Although it is not the most traditional choice, the show is much more deep and progressive than one may have thought. It still continues to be a show full of laughs, but it has also taught me many valuable lessons, and the overall importance of friendship.

1. The characters all share the strongest bonds.


All of the characters on Friends are like family to each other. None of them come from the best family life, and this shows that friends are the family that you get to choose. It also proves that your friends don't have to be exactly like you. The group is made up of a paleontologist, an actor, a chef, a fashionista, a masseuse, and an IT procurement manager, and they could not be any closer. They are always there to bail each other out of money problems, to comfort each other after a breakup, and to make each other laugh. Friends proves that the strongest of relationships never really go away.

2. Platonic vs. Romantic Relationships


This show was one of the first programs on television that showed men and women in platonic relationships, not just romantic relationships. The relationships between the six friends on the show was not only for romantic purposes, but shown as true friends who did not need anything more than each other's friendship. This was an extremely important concept to portray because it showed men and women as equals and provided a significant social shift. Without woman having to just be an ideal love interest, it allowed the characters to be more dynamic and well-rounded. The male characters also showed social growth, as they were portrayed differently as well. Ross and Chandler were geeks, who were shown dating beautiful woman, but were also extremely vulnerable. The other male character, Joey, was shown in more of a 'traditional' sense but grew increasingly vulnerable and emotional as the show progressed.

3. 'Friends' is still extremely relevant in today's society.


The show never attempted to gloss over the harsh realities that one faces in their 20s, when it is evident that no one really knows what they are doing in life. There are many times when your boss/coworkers don't like you, hopefully they won't lock you in a freezer like Monica, or when you are in a profession that you did not thoroughly enjoy, like Rachel and Chandler. Friends allows for the realization that you are not alone with these experiences, and you can move on to bigger and better things in your life. For a sitcom in the 90s, it was also extremely progressive. During the course of the show, many alternative family lives were addressed. Phoebe was a surrogate for her brother and his wife, and helped them create a family that they would otherwise not have been able to have. Chandler was seen struggling with having a transgender parent, and ultimately accepted and celebrated it. Ross also had three divorces, one which he had to accept that his wife left him for a woman, but he was still able to find true love. Rachel and Ross had a child out of wedlock and were still able to become more than satisfied with their lives.

4. Rachel's Character Development


The most important plot throughout the entirety of Friends, to me, is the growth and development of the character Rachel. In the beginning of the show, she starts off as a spoiled daddy's girl who has never worked a day in her life. She travels to New York, after leaving her rich fiance, and cuts all financial ties with her family. Encouraged by her friends, she finds work at the local coffee shop and begins the journey to find herself. Although, after two years, she realized that she wants a more fulfilling career in something she is passionate, and starts to shift gears to find a new, more permanent position. Through hard work and growing ambition, she acquires her dream job in fashion and is able to work towards new opportunities. Rachel never regrets breaking off her engagement to find herself, or keeping the luxuries that she was accustomed to. She was able to create the life she always wanted, in her own way. Even though there were many 'bumps' along the way, she worked towards her overall goal with grace.

Everyone in my generation needs to watch the show Friends. Every plot line can be directly related to something that has occurred in your own life. Aside from being relatable, the show was originally released in 1994 it continues to be shared and enjoyed by all, which shows its significance.

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