4 reasons why International Women's Day should be celebrated!

4 reasons why International Women's Day should be celebrated!

International Women's Day is tomorrow. Here are 4 reasons as to why International Women's Day should be celebrated, because it's hard out here to be a woman sometimes. I know that some believe that we don't need a day to recognize the accomplishments of women, however March 8th allows women all over the world to empower each other and not just recognize the women who have accomplished so much in our history but to say thank you to the women that


1. To honor the women who started the fight for women's rights

Keep fighting the good fight!


Women's Rights have been around the since the 1900's when women were fighting for the right to vote, the fight is still not over, but we should take a moment to thank women like Alice Paul and Lucy Burns for paving the way for other women to follow suit. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, "A woman is like a tea bag- you don't know how she is until you put in hot water". The fight still continues, but we should say thank to the women who started it all.

2. A reminder to love yourself.

You go girl!


In the world that we are living in, people are constantly trying to pit women against each other and degrade women. There are many women in this world that don't love themselves enough or not at all. It can be hard when you feel degraded for not looking a certain way or do certain things. International Women's Day gives women the opportunity to love themselves for who they are and to ignore all of the haters.

3. Giving respect to the women in your life.

These are my parents who are my world.

Not that we don't acknowledge women on a day-to-day basis, but I take this day to say thank you to my mom, because she one of the strongest women I know. My mom has raised me to be the strong and confident woman I am today. International Women's Day doesn't just give praise to women who have paved the way for equal rights and are famous, it gives us the opportunity to praise the women in your own life that have raised you to be the person you are today. Thank you mom for being so strong and teaching me how to be strong.

4. Historically, women's rights have improved but we have a long way to go.

This is a day that allows women to rise up


Yes, there is still work that needs to be done, such as equal pay and ending sexual harassment in the workplace. However, we have come a long way since the 1900s when the women's suffrage movement started, the fight for abortion rights before Roe v. Wade, fighting the wage gap, the #TimesUp movement, and fighting for rights of education for girls in underdeveloped countries. We still have a long way to go and it may not always be an easy road, but there has been some success in the fight for women's rights.

I am proud to be a women and I wouldn't want it any other way. To all of the women out there, thanks for being women, never give up on the fight for women's rights, and always love yourself for who you are!

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Dear 'Straight Pride,' Check Your Privilege: It's HOMO-Sapiens, Not HETERO-Sapiens

Don't be upset, you are more than welcome to enjoy your straight-ness, just as much as you have to tolerate our non-straight-ness.


Disclaimer: This letter contains sarcasm and unfiltered honesty.

Pride month is one of the BEST MONTHS OUT THERE. Four weeks of rainbows, glitter, and good old fashioned love... except for Boston. Apparently, Boston is holding a Straight Pride Parade planned for August 31st to celebrate... well, I'm not quite sure what would be celebrated. Sexual confusion? A false sense of Christianity? The delicate structure that is "no homo?"

Honestly, I feel like its a huge waste of city funds. So, I figured I should highlight some important details about gay pride.

In June 1969, police raided the Stonewall Inn, a gay club in New York City on the basis that being gay wasn't OK. That's it. The raid caused a riot among LGBT+ patrons and neighbors as police brutally threw patrons and employees out of the club. This event was followed by six days of protests and violent clashes, lead by a group of Drag Queens, including Black American Drag Queens. This was the catalyst for the gay rights movement.

Since then, gay rights have made so much progression such as Same-Sex Marriage legalized in the US in 2015, to same-sex couples, and LGBTQ+ roles shown on television.

Dear Straight people,

The entire point of pride is to celebrate a group of people who are ostracized IN SOCIETY. People who have to FIGHT for the right to love, the right to be represented, and the right to be accepted by their friends, family, work colleagues, their place of worship and the rest of the world!

It's all well and good to want to celebrate yourself for your culture and traditions (google search: family holidays), or your own accomplishments during your life (google search: Applebee's). Celebrating sexuality is much more personal because it's still not accepted in most regions or religions of the world.

Don't be upset, you are more than welcome to enjoy your straight-ness, just as much as you have to tolerate our non-straight-ness. You don't have to believe in a same-sex marriage, the same way I don't believe that religion is your sole reason to ostracize, bully, torment and dehumanize a group of innocent people who don't conform. Gay, lesbian, transgender, asexual, bisexual, the victims of the pulse shooting, ALL THESE PEOPLE HAVE HEARTS, TOO.

If at the end of this article, you still care to make an argument, I'd like to ask you some questions.

Have you ever been fired because you are straight?

Have you ever been bullied, assaulted, attacked, or banned from using the bathroom because you are straight?

Has anyone from your family ever stopped talking to you or stopped loving you because of your sexuality?

Have you ever been afraid to be yourself?

Has your church (or any form of safety zone) ever told you that you would burn in hell based on your sexuality?

Let me know.

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Why I Love Lebron James As A Person

There's more to Lebron James than basketball.


While Lebron James is considered to be one of the best athletes ever based on his commitment to excellence, his conditioning, and the number of championships he has won, the impact he has made on his community that is being felt all over the world.

He may be a basketball player, but he is a businessman, father, philanthropist, and role model to people no just in his community but all over the world. This is why Lebron James is one of the greatest people I have ever seen in the world of the NBA.

Since the age of 15, Lebron James has been under the spotlight as "The Chosen One" and struggled through the trials and tribulations growing up in Akron, Ohio. However, he has defied the odds not because of what he does for the NBA in terms of marketing and championships, but what he does for his community and the world.

The Lebron James Foundation has given over 2000 children the opportunity to receive a full education, with the resources of over $41 million that Lebron James has contributed out of his pocket. He is giving children who don't have the resources that other children may have and to make sure they are the best version of themselves in their own way. This is what makes Lebron James "Strive for Greatness" motto mean more to people outside of the NBA. This is a motto that every child all over the world should live by, to be the best version of yourself, and Lebron James is providing the resources to those who may not have them.

Lebron James has provided a lot of happiness and a boost in the economy in the city of Cleveland, playing there for over 10 years. But he did go on national television, had his own special called "The Decision" and said he was going to Miami. This is the only stain that Lebron James has on his career, other than that he has been exceptional. He mostly redeemed himself when he came back to Cleveland and promised them a championship. He delivered on his promise by giving the Cleveland Cavaliers their first-ever championship in 2016.

All of us know that Lebron James left Cleveland last offseason to join the Los Angeles Lakers, but he came back to Akron, Ohio and opened the I Promise School for 240 at-risk children. This school helps give students an escape from their issues that Akron, Ohio is currently facing, and they offer activities to make sure that they don't go down the wrong path. This school also provides services to the families of the children who attend this school such as finding a job and an on-site food bank.

This is why Lebron James is one of the best people in the world because he exudes perfection and he knows where he came from.

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