To those who don't dwell in New Jersey, it can be assumed there are many clichés associated with the infamous "Jersey shore." The Jersey Shore can stereotypically be perceived as "trashy" or "sleazy," even dirty, to those who aren't accustomed to the culture (especially if you're judging us based on the train-wreck of a show, Jersey Shore). Though, as a Jersey native I can both confirm and dismantle these flawed ideologies. While some places that make up the "Jersey shore" aren't exactly the most pristine bearings, I can testify that Cape May reigns supreme to other beach side residencies in both NJ and the country!

Nearly every summer since birth, my family and I have spent our summer vacations in Cape May. I cannot simply put into words my love for this town and how much I cherish coming here on a yearly basis. Regardless of how often I visit Cape May, my love for it is ever-growing.

I have provided four reasons below as to why you and your families should give Cape May a go for your next summertime vacation:

1. The Beach

This is an obvious reason for venturing any beach town, however, opposed to Seaside Heights or Long Branch, Cape May's beach is very tranquil and clean. The beach here is never too crowded, and I rarely find myself annoyed at any noisy beach "neighbors" hindering me from a nice nap. Although, I'm personally not a huge fan of the beach, Cape May's serene atmosphere provides me with a relaxing and enjoyable beach day that I cannot seem to find at any other NJ beach.

2. The Food

Food is another given. Fundamentally, almost any Jersey beach town provides beach-goers with delicious foods, and that doesn't change in Cape May. Forget greasy boardwalk pizza, Cape May has a profound variety in foods ranging from Italian to Greek. There's something to fulfill anyone's vicious appetite. One place I love in particular is called Key West Tacos, this shack-sized restaurant makes their food fresh every single day and put an interesting twist on Mexican food. To secure your chances of eating these mouth-watering tacos, you better get there fast or there's a chance they'll run out of food! And since we're still discussing food, don't get me started on the ice cream. A week in Cape May is far too short of a time period to get your daily fix of each enticing ice cream place in this town.

3. The Houses

Rather than the more modernized beach houses and apartments that inhibit other NJ beach municipalities, Cape May is known for more rustic, Victorian styled houses. These vintage, colorful and aesthetically pleasing homes flood each street and make walking around all the more pleasurable. Not one house is the same and some of the architecture can truly take your breath way. It's almost too improbable to believe that people live in these enchanting houses. One of my major aspirations in life is to purchase my very own Victorian beach house in Cape May.

4. Night Life

If you're not one that admires large weekend crowds on the boardwalk or hectic lines to get into clubs, then Cape May is the perfect destination spot for you. There's still a lot of fun things to do to, while avoiding any sorts of chaos. Cape May has an assortment of mini golf courses, which is a great family friendly activity. Accompanying mini golf, there are tons of eclectic stores where people of all ages can shop. The Washington Street shopping mall is any Cape May goers favorite place to eat, shop, and hang out. It's a very fun place to wind down after a long day. There are people playing guitar on benches and it's an amazing center for dog lovers, too since people are walking their dogs every which way. Ultimately, Cape May has a lot to offer in terms of night life that prohibit any chances of nuisances that may dim your good vibes.

I would like to state that I have absolutely nothing against any other NJ beach town. As a NJ citizen, I have a place in my heart for each "Jersey Shore" out there, however, the one that clicks with me the most is Cape May. Hopefully after reading this article you'll consider checking out this illustrious vacation spot the next time you go away! I promise that you will produce memories that will last a lifetime and understand why I treasure this town so much.