4 Reasons Tina Belcher Is The Role Model We Need

Bob’s Burgers is, no doubt, my all-time favorite show. The Belcher family goes through an extreme amount of troubling situations, and at the end, they all end up as a happy family. Each of the three children has a specific charisma, and you can see how each one of them grows as the show progresses. The eldest, Tina, is one of the most inspiring young adults on animated television. Here’s why:

1. She isn’t afraid to express herself.

In season 2, episode 8, Tina Belcher meets “bad girl” Tammy. Tammy learns of Tina’s erotic friend fiction, where Tina writes erotic fiction about her friends (specifically Jimmy Jr.’s butt). Tammy blackmails Tina by threatening to read her story in front of the entire school, but (with some convincing from Linda, Tina’s mother) Tina decides to read the story to the entire school herself, despite everyone laughing at her. In her angsty teenage years, full of mood swings and the dependency of friends, Tina decides to put herself on the line in front of everyone. When the principle hears what Tina is reading, he chases her around the cafeteria, but Tina runs away, continuing to read her story because she is proud of her work and wants her peers to hear it. Tina wasn’t afraid to share her creation with the school, and I think we should all be a little more like Tina when it comes to our creations.

2. Tina is completely open to different types of love.

In season 3, episode 17, Tina decides to ask out her middle school crush – Jimmy Jr. Jimmy Jr., however, tells her he has to “keep his options open”. On the way home from school, Tina is reunited with her milk aisle man-candy, Josh (refer to season 3, episode 14 for the whole story). Josh immediately asks Tina to accompany him to his school’s dance (which, by the way, is the town’s performing arts school). Tina tells him she will think about it, but later decides to go to the dance with the Josh instead of Jimmy Jr. When she breaks the news to Jimmy Jr., he vows to win her back. Jimmy eventually shows up at Josh and Tina’s dance and challenges Josh to a dance battle for Tina’s heart. Tina eventually realizes that it is ridiculous for them to be fighting, and suggests a love triangle between the three of them. She even mentions the idea of having a “make-out chart”, in which the two guys have specific time with Tina herself. Although the two guys aren’t up for it and leave, Tina is completely down with all different types of love.

3. She doesn’t give up on her dreams.

In season 3, episode 12, Tina is trying out for the position of anchorwoman of the Wagstaff School News. She wears Linda’s lucky shirt: a bright green blazer from St. Patrick’s Day. When preparing for her audition, mean-girl Tammy gave her detrimental advice, cursing her audition and ensuring the spot to Tammy. During the audition for anchorwoman, Tina’s neon green blazer blends in with the green screen behind, sending her friends in a frightened frenzy. Despite all these setbacks, Tina continues to announce for her own news, producing real stories for her classmates and bringing what is happening in their school to their attention. No matter what happens to her, Tina always stands back up and gets what she wants. She is a determined girl.

4. Tina puts her family first.

In season 5, episode 9, Tina, Gene, and Louise decide to enter a go-kart racing league. When deciding who should be Team Belcher’s driver, the kids “pull straws” to determine the driver. When Louise wins, Tina allows her to be the driver, although Tina is the eldest and the most experienced with driving (if you’ve watched the episodes as religiously as I have you’ll understand what I mean). Tina is hurt by Louise’s lack of care of driving, and Tina eventually begins driving for another go-kart team. When it comes down to the championship race, Tina and Louise are fighting for first place when Louise’s car breaks down. Tina backs up and pushes Louise’s car to the finish line. Although Tina wanted to win, she wanted Team Belcher to win - her family. She’s a team player.

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