Ever since I got my first e-reader in high school, I have been a huge proponent of the technology. They're small, convenient, and even pretty cheap now, and they make reading so much easier. It seems like every time I pull out my Nook, people ask me how I like it, and then invariably say something like "I just really like the feel of a real book." Well, I do, too, but I'm here to tell you why it's time to hop on the e-reader trend.

1. They're convenient

Until I got to college, I usually only used my Nook when I was on vacation and didn't want to carry lots of books along with me. Like I said, I also really like the feel of a book in my hands. Plus I really enjoy going to Barnes and Noble and picking one out. But then I got to school and no longer had the space in my dorm room for millions of physical books, so the Nook came to save the day. Plus, who has time to wander a book store when you should be studying? (Oops, I still did that.) My Nook was also great for that. Whenever I needed a book, I just got on its built-in store and bought a book on the spot. This is also super convenient when you finish a book after all the stores are closed at night and just can't wait until tomorrow to get another. Do I know this from experience? Maybe....

2. They're small

Growing up, my parents always had to worry about me over-packing, not because I liked to bring too many clothes (no, that's a recent development), but because I couldn't go anywhere without nearly an entire suitcase of books. They once took me on a business trip to Japan, and I brought a duffel bag full of books and still managed to run out by the time the trip was over. Trust me, you don't want to be a ten year old with no other interests but reading who runs out of books in a non-English speaking country. Now, I look back on that trip and think how easy it would have been with my Nook, because I could load hundreds of books onto it and it would still be smaller than my iPad. Seriously, e-readers are bae when you're travelling.

3. They're cheap

Seriously, Nooks and Kindles (especially Kindles, I think) are super cheap now, especially when you get the simple paper screen versions. I have an older Nook (the Simple Touch with Glowlight, I believe), and even a few years ago it was under $100. They're way cheaper now! And for those of you who think that you don't read enough to make it count, keep in mind that e-books tend to be cheaper than print books, and it's really easy to find deals on books that are momentarily free (Sign up for BookBub to get a daily email with free or cheap books!), so the readers tend to pay for themselves pretty quickly. Plus, lots of libraries have systems to let you rent e-books for free!

4. They can be better (aesthetically) than a book!

This is for everyone who says "I just really like the way a book feels!" Like I've said, I do, too, but e-readers have come so far that you feel like you are reading a physical book. The screen is easy enough on the eyes that it actually feels like paper, and the e-readers are so light that they're actually easier to hold on to than a book, especially when reading in bed. Plus, they can come with back lights! Even for people who do still like books better, e-readers can be an acceptable alternative for certain occasions.

Finally, although this isn't a selling point, I always try to get Nooks (instead of Kindles) and buy all my books through Barnes and Noble (even though Nooks allow e-books from any source, unlike Kindles) because I really want to keep bookstores in business. But whatever you do, keep reading!