4 New Artists To Watch Out For This Fall

Looking for some new music to add to your favorite playlist. If you are looking for some pop, R&NB or Indie to feel your void; you have come to right spot..There are four new artist from that are breaking out this fall. Watch out for Kiiara, Mabel, Sundara Karma and Lake Komo.

1. Kiiara

Kiiara is a singer and songwriter from Wilmington, Illinois. Kiiara has a dark but pop sound. Kiiara already is already topping the charts with her rocking single "Gold". This 21 year old already tops the Billboard Hot 100 in the Top 20. This singer gives you the feels and with her album.

2. Mabel

Mabel is a singer with parents like Neneh Cherry and producer Cameron McVey. Mebel had the '90s R&B Vibes. Her currently single "Thinking of You" already has 1.2 million views. She is one to watch because you can expect more hits from her.

3. Sundara Karma

Sundara Karma has that indie rock flavor that will keep you rocking all day and night. The band includes Oscar Lulu (vocal & guitar), Ally Batty (guitar), Dom Cordell (bass) and Haydn Evans (drums). These guys have already played on Radio One and played Reading Festival.

4. Lake Komo

This band's hometown are Lancaster and Kendal. Lake Komo has those chill indie feels. The band includes Jay, Pete, Maxwell and Jess who have been playing in their hometowns since 2012. They moved to Manchster in the Fall of 2015 to record their debut album. Their soothing tunes will have them humming their songs all day long.

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