4 Makeup Products to Help You Look More Awake
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4 Makeup Products to Help You Look More Awake

So, you decided to go out for drinks on a weeknight with your besties,...

4 Makeup Products to Help You Look More Awake


So, you decided to go out for drinks on a weeknight with your besties, and totally forgot that you’ve got to wake up for an important work meeting in the morning. You get out of bed and look in the mirror only to find something that looks more like the Ghost of a Good Night Out’s Past. Yikes! You’re in desperate need of a facial pick-me-up, but you’re still feeling the regret of your second (maybe, third) martini from the night before, and you’re in need of some assistance. Luckily, we’re here to help with a list of some of the best makeup products to help you look more awake.

1. Wake Up With a Perfect Set of Lashes

When you can barely keep your eyes open, you need the help of a good set of eyelashes to help perk your makeup look up. It’s a great idea to invest in a set of natural lash extensions that you can have on hand whenever your makeup look needs a bit of a morning pick-me-up. In order to apply natural lash extensions, you’re going to want to follow the steps below:

  1. Clean and prime your eyelashes before applying your natural lash extensions. This means washing your eyelashes of any makeup or mascara that might still be on them from the night before. After you’ve cleaned your lashes, you’ll want to apply an eyelash primer, if you have one on hand. Many natural lash extension kits will come with an eyelash primer that you can apply to your lashes to ensure that they’re ready for lash application.
  2. Pick out the natural lash extensions that you want to wear for that day. If you’re headed into work, you’ll probably want to go for a medium length lash to upgrade your makeup look. It’s best to save the super long lashes for your next night out.
  3. Use a natural lash extension adhesive to adhere the natural lash extensions to your lash line. You apply adhesive similarly to how you would apply an eyeliner.
  4. Once the lash adhesive is semi-dry and tacky, you’re going to want to adhere your natural lash extensions to your real lashes. In order to do this with a steady hand, you might want to use a lash applicator tool (which looks similar to a pair of tweezers) in order to gently place the natural lash extensions to your eyelid. If you’re new to applying natural lash extensions, this step might take you a minute, but don’t get discouraged! Practice makes perfect when it comes to applying the perfect set of lashes.
  5. After you’ve applied your natural lash extensions, you’ll want to use a sealant to protect them from the elements so they stay on all day long. Be sure to apply any sealant product to your lashes, and not your lash line.
  6. Now you’re ready to take on the day with your natural lash extensions intact!

At the end of the day, remove your lashes using a cleanser meant for natural lash extensions, so you can take them off just as easily as you put them on!

2. Concealer to Mask Any Dark Eye Circles

One of the hallmarks of a late night out is waking up with dark circles under your eyes the next morning, which can make you look even more exhausted than you feel. In order to disguise your dark circles, you’re going to want to apply a bit of concealer under your eyes. When choosing an undereye concealer, opt for one in a shade that’s one to two shades lighter than your foundation to create a brightening look.

3. Color Correction Makeup for Any Redness

After a night of drinking, it can be common to wake up with some facial redness and puffiness the next morning. In order to reduce the redness, you’ll want to have some color correcting makeup that you can apply on top of your foundation. Green color correcting makeup helps to reduce the appearance of red hues, so it’s great to have some on hand when you’ve had quite the night out.

4. A Bit of Blush to Make Things Rosy

On the opposite side of the coin, some people might wake up looking especially pale after a late night. In that case, it can be helpful to apply a rosy blush to both cheeks, so you look more lively. Goodbye, hangover zombie; hello, blushing cutie!

In Conclusion

We all have our fair share of late nights that have us looking worse for wear the next morning. Thankfully, there are a number of makeup products that can help you to look more awake after staying up past your bedtime, including: natural lash extensions, a brightening concealer, color correcting makeup for redness, and a rosy blush. By using the products mentioned above, you’ll go from looking like a ghost in bed, to a gorgeous person who’s ready to take on the day.

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