As school has finally begun for the last of us (ahem, UCR), a mix of feelings is being felt. But students who go to a school that is on the quarter system feel these feelings more often and for a longer period of time.

1. Feeling constantly rushed

As the quarter starts, everything seems to go smoothly. And for a brief period of time, there is nothing to worry about. That is, until the next time you return to class. When everything starts to seem like it's piling up. From assignments, essays, and exams, they all start to seem like they are running full force towards you and are ready to knock you off of your feet.

2. Constant state of panic

Because of the rushed feeling, students end up in a constant state of panic. And it creeps up slowly and surprises us when we least expect it. And then you panic even more to get that one thing done. Then it snowballs; you might even pass your panic onto another person.

3. Feeling the need to catch up

At some point in the quarter, most likely when midterms and finals are approaching, catching up becomes a necessity. Because at this point, your pact to stay on top of your assignments has gone out the window. Maybe you just left it to the last minute. Or maybe you just forgot about the assignment. And the attempts to be productive when you actually have time are futile. Instead, you end up looking like this cat.

4. Surprised by finals

The last week of the quarter and finals week always comes as a surprise. Even if you are "on top of it" with all your assignments, the end of the quarter catches people off guard. This is when most people enter a period of less sleep, more coffee, and no will to do anything when everything needs to get done.

If you attend a school on the semester system, lucky you! You don't know the struggle that most quarter system students face.

And if you're a student on the quarter system, good luck.

May you stay awake and not be thrown off guard by your classes.

May the odds be ever in your favor.