4 Books That Are On My Summer Reading List

4 Books That Are On My Summer Reading List

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During the summer I set a goal to read as many books as I can. I love to sit at the beach and read all day long, sometimes I can even finish a book in a day if I don't have any interruptions.

1. "Once and for All" By Sarah Dessen

This is Sarah Dessen's thirteenth book and after being blown away with her other twelve, I am super excited to read it.

2. "Thirteen Reasons Why" By Jay Asher

After watching the hit Netflix series, I have wanted to read the book and compare the two and see how they differ. I am excited to do so!

3. "Positive: A Memoir" By Paige Rawr

I got this book back in my senior year of high school and then unfortunately lost it. However, this summer I can't wait to finish it.

4. "Everyday" David Levithan

This is another book I also got a few years back but I unfortunately got too busy to read it. Now that things are winding down and I have the time to do so, I am excited too.

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