3D Sketches: How to Prepare in CAD Software
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3D Sketches: How to Prepare in CAD Software

How to Prepare in CAD Software

3D Sketches: How to Prepare in CAD Software

Sketching serves as the foundation for building 3D models in mechanical CAD. There are, however, certain exceptions. For instance, synchronous technology in some CAD software may eliminate the need for sketching entirely if the model is composed of simple forms like a box, cylinder, or sphere. But features based on drawing profiles are the only option for complicated models.

The limitation of drawing on a single plane makes 2D sketching laborious for generating some complicated designs, even if it may be used to generate extrusions, holes, pathways, and other characteristics. Why limit us to sketching in 2D when we always perceive and create things in 3D? This interest in 3D creation led to the creation of the 3D pen by 3Doodler.

AutoCAD is a well-known tool in the design sector for 2D drawing. However, another world of possibilities—3D—is concealed behind a little gear-shaped symbol covertly lurking on the lower corner of your AutoCAD screen.

In this article, we'll talk about AutoCAD's key capabilities, focusing on 3D drawing. The user interface will next be examined, and an overview of the necessary tools for 3D sketching will follow. Finally, we'll lead you through a short lesson for creating a simple 3D form.

What is 3D Sketching?