Alright listen here HC. I've got some hard hitting questions for you. Real important stuff. You want me to " Ask More", well alright I'm doing it.

  1. Why does course selection only work on Firefox?
  2. Why do I need to go to mandatory freshmen orientation activities in March?
  3. Why is Montserrat a full year?
  4. Do you really think Montserrat makes anyone a better writer? Like Really?
  5. How will a mandatory Montserrat event that doesn’t remotely relate to the topic of my Montserrat help me?
  6. Why is there so much fruit outside Kimball?
  7. Why is there not raw sugar for the tea in Kimball?
  8. Why don’t the strawberries/blueberries/peaches/pears taste remotely like what they should taste like?
  9. Why are the apples so mêlée?
  10. Why does Kimball do random things super well ( like Tofu) but do a mediocre/poor job on some basic things ( like Jelly for PB and J)?
  11. Why is there no Pico De Gallo in Kimball?
  12. Why do people come to Kimball as a restaurant?
  13. How do lower swipes actually work?
  14. Why is lower not open on Saturday?
  15. Why do the cups in Kimball always stick together?
  16. Why don’t the different Coffee shops on campus have the same kinds of coffee/tea?
  17. Why do none of the machines in Loyola actually work?
  18. Why does Hart not have stair climbers?
  19. Why doesn’t Hart have resistance bands?
  20. Why does the school Wi-Fi not work in Hart?
  21. Why are there so many ellipticals ( nobody likes the elliptical) ?
  22. Do people actually have to sign in?
  23. Why is the swipe system in the laundry room always down?
  24. Why don’t the vending machines in the dorms take dining dollars
  25. Why aren’t there printers in the dorm common rooms ( think about how great that would be)?
  26. Why aren’t there water bottle refill stations in the dorms?
  27. Why isn’t the post office open on Saturdays?
  28. Why isn’t there a printer in Rehm Library?
  29. Can I please have a map of the Science building?
  30. Where does Smith/Fenwick/O’Kane become Smith/Fenwick/O’Kane?
  31. Why do I need to swipe into the O’Kane Lab?
  32. Why are there so many elderly people at the movies in the Seelos theater?
  33. Why can’t I go abroad to a major city?
  34. In fact, why do you make going abroad so difficult?
  35. Why don’t dining dollars transfer from one semester to the next?
  36. Why are you creating a housing crisis?
  37. Why, in spite of all these issues, does everyone somehow still love it here?