37 Ways You Invest Your Time Other Than Study For Finance

37 Ways You Invest Your Time Other Than Study For Finance

Probably your best bet to do these instead.

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1. Apply for jobs.

Because your future is more important than your classes, right?

2. Watch your favorite stand up comedian (preferably John Mulaney).

Trust me, he's the funniest comedian on Netflix.

3. Play with your puppy.

Or your roommates puppy, or the puppy that lives three apartments down from you.

4. Build a fort.

You're never too old! All of our friends are skeptical of my roommate and I when we first put it up, but they end up loving it.

5. Play with your turtles.

Semi-aquatic reptiles may not seem inviting, but they are!

6. Bake a pie.

Personally, I ask my roommate to make a pie but either way.

7. Eat the pie.


8. Online shop and buy a bunch of things you don’t need.

Shameless, unpaid plug for the app Honey that has already saved me tons of money!

9. Watch Netflix.

The most obvious, commonly used distraction on the list.

10. Plan your next five years.

Again, more important than one class.

11. Plan your roommate’s next five years.

He/she has a future too!

12. Paint something for your best friend.

Who doesn't love a random gift?

13. Adopt a plant.

Low maintenance, but SO FUN to pick out!

14. Call your mom.

She will always appreciate it. In fact, do this anyway.

15. Research something you’re passionate about and become an expert on it.

So when you talk about what you're passionate about, you don't get outsmarted by someone with less free time than you.

16. Cook a five-course meal.

Because you have to eat anyway, right?

17. Look at old pictures and send them to the people featured in the pictures.

This is my best friend's favorite distraction so I guess it works for some people.

18. Write an article for the Odyssey.

Obviously, this is what I do to procrastinate!

19. Plan an inexpensive vacation.

If you win the lottery, you'll DEFINITELY need this more than any class you're taking now.

20. Make a fruit salad.

Because you NEED to start that diet NOW.

21. Make a chicken salad.

Because you need to start that diet but you love chicken.

22. Clean your apartment.

If you procrastinate your class work, I'm sure you procrastinate this.

23. Take a joy ride in your car and listen to your favorite songs.

Sometimes you just need this, especially when you're stressing about an assignment you still won't turn in.

24. Take a shower and deep condition your hair.

You've probably been putting off that deep condition too and trust me, your hair will thank you.

25. Take a walk.

Clearing your head will help you focus for when you've procrastinated just a bit too long.

26. Take a nap.

Because who doesn't love a good nap?

27. Create a recipe and then make it for you and your ten closest friends.

Friendship, food, and fun!

28. Order a few pizzas with unique toppings.

Try one of every piece and then have something new every day for the rest of the week!

29. Do the dishes.

Your roommate(s) will thank you.

30. Try to set a world record.

There are a surprising number that are easy to beat! Or create your own!

31. Develop a new talent that you can use to procrastinate on a regular basis.

I took up the ukulele, but any instrument will work!

32. Search for some cool things on Google Earth.

You can set it to a randomizing feature that sends you somewhere you wouldn't think to look at.

33. Facebook stalk old “friends.”

Click on a post from that person you totally forgot existed until today.

34. Stare out your window like the movie “Rear Window.”

I bet the people living across from you are doing some crazy stuff.

35. Draw out a tattoo for yourself.

Doesn't hurt to dream.

36. Get that tattoo.

Because why not?

37. Drop out of Finance.

By this point, you probably need it.

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