35 Questions I Have For Southern Miss

We're headed back for Spring of 2017, and I cannot wait. However, before said return, I would like to ask our dear university some questions. Enjoy!

1) Can someone please explain to me why we have three names?

2) Does Brett Favre ever come to campus?

3) How is Miss Gloria not the most known person on this campus?

4) What's percolating?

5) Why is everything named after something?

6) What's up with all the acronyms?

7) Why is it not mandatory to wear costumes on Halloween?

8) Besides having multi purposes, what is the multipurpose room?

9) Why does Century Park South look so much different than North?

10) Can Seymour please come out more often?



13) I mean seriously?

14) Why are some professors not on ratemyprofessor?

15) Why is the food so bad?

16) Can Cat Cora pay her alma mater a favor and revamp the food system?

17) Why does Seymour's close at 4:00 on Fridays?

18) Why do we sell a donut bacon cheeseburger at sporting events?

19) More importantly, has anyone actually eaten the donut burger?

20) Does that donut make me look fat?

21) Why is our wifi so awful?

22) What did we do to have such awful wifi?

23) Why is our gym known as the Payne Center?

24) Why does the Reed Green Coliseum not resemble the actual Coliseum in Rome?

25) If Jimmy Buffet graduated from here, why don't we live in Margaritaville?

26) Where is the soccer field?

27) Does anyone go to soccer games?

28) Why don't we have a swim team?

29) Why don't we have a pizza place on campus?

30) Why does my dorm check-in require more swipes than Tinder?

31) Why is the lunch rush so slow?

32) Is it bad that the people in Starbucks know my name and order?

33) Since Torie Bowie won a gold medal, can we just have our mascot be the Golden Tories?

34) Why are people always comparing us to the other universities in the state?

35) Lastly, why does this university, with all of its quirks, manage to still have my heart?

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