35 Corinne Moments From The Bachelor That Every College Kid Can Relate To
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35 Corinne Moments From The Bachelor That Every College Kid Can Relate To

I'm so athletic, I'm going to sleep.

35 Corinne Moments From The Bachelor That Every College Kid Can Relate To
Mitch Haaseth/ABC

Every season on the Bachelor there seems to be at least one big character that keeps it interesting. Even if you are not a fan of the show (which I recommend giving a chance, because it can be highly entertaining, especially if you watch with other people), you've probably heard of this season's culprit, Corinne. Now, I personally got the idea that she is a very privileged person, and was only really on the show because she loves attention. It all seemed like a game to her that she had to prove she could win. Although it didn't gain her many fans, it made for some really great reality TV and a few hilarious moments. I for one, think she often closely resembled a moody college student dealing with all of our daily struggles (even though I'm not sure she even went to college). These are only some of my favorite examples. Enjoy!

1. Walking to that 8 am class in the middle of the winter.

Wondering how you ever did this in high school, and making a mental note to avoid signing up for early classes at all costs in the future.

2. That life-changing moment when you get the email that class is canceled.

And turn into an excited five-year-old child who can't contain their emotions for a hot second.

3. "The final will be cumulative." "Test on Friday." "Pop quiz!" "There's a 3-page reflection paper due tomorrow." "No partial credit." "This is individual, no working together."

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Sometimes it just feels like the professors want to see you fail.

4. When you somehow unwillingly become involved in petty drama that you hoped would be left behind in high school.

And high key just want everyone to chill out and grow up already.

5. But you still can't help needing to hear all the latest gossip.

Wait, who passed out drunk at that party on Saturday night?!

6. When you just can't stop taking those self-destructive but much-needed naps all the time.

Part of your daily routine most likely includes a cycle of taking naps when you should be doing homework, then regretting everything, staying up late to finish all the work you should have done, being tired the next day and starting all over again.

7. That moment you realize your parents aren't there to judge, so you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want to.

Cereal and cookies for dinner it is. Mom doesn't need to know.

8. And then when it REALLY hits you that you're on your own, which means doing adult things.

Like laundry, and cleaning, and at least attempting to feed yourself responsibly. And maybe, MAYBE, going to bed at a reasonable hour once in a while.

9. After finals when your brain is so completely fried from lack of sleep and hours upon hours of cramming information in that you can barely form a grammatically correct sentence anymore.

We've all been there.

10. When you go home for Thanksgiving, and every single family member you talk to asks the same set of questions over and over again.

All you want to do scream but you know that wouldn't fly, so you suck it up and tell them how classes are going and that, yes, you're still single. For the billionth time.You might as well type up an FAQ sheet to hand out next time.

11. That rare and magical moment when you catch a mistake a professor makes during class or while grading your test, and get to correct them.

Ha, take that.

12. When you actually manage to pull off a good grade on an assignment or test that you were 110 percent sure you had failed.

And just play it off like you meant to do it the whole time. Oh yeah, I totally studied for that test (not).

13. That face you make when your professors keep piling on the assignments and tests, one by one.

And there's absolutely nothing you can do about it but say goodbye to sleep. And your social life. And sanity. See ya next summer, old friends.

14. Gym or sleep? No competition.

If sleeping were a sport, I'm pretty sure we'd all be Olympic gold medalists.

15. Getting back to your dorm room after a really long day and not wanting to get back up for weeks.

Those warm blankets and fluffy pillows are a black hole, don't trust them.

16. When you're stuck eating at the same dining halls for months on end and don't have the money to spend on other food.

This thought is bound to cross your mind on a regular basis. Or at least some variation of it if you're not a fan of sushi.

17. Those weak moments when all you want is to sleep in your own bed and cuddle with your dog.

Even if you attend your dream school, there's no place like home, and the occasional homesickness is too real.

18. Four words: bugs in dorm rooms.

Especially stink bugs. I don't think anyone enjoys being trapped in a small room with flying insects. If you don't mind it, let me know, I'll hit you up next time my roommate and I need an exterminator.

19. That feeling when someone complains about how they already spent all of their allowance and their parents won't send them any more money until next month.

Have you tried looking for a job? God forbid we may have to start working for our own money. I mean, we are only twenty years old, right? Come on people.

20. When the whole class gets #3 on the test wrong and the professor swears you covered the information in class more than once.

But you know for sure that's just not true. Oh well. Arguing isn't worth the time or energy.

21. Walking into the dining hall on chicken tender day.

Or really whatever day they have your favorite food. Keep 'em coming.

22. That feeling after doing hours of homework when it feels like you're getting nowhere, and just need to be done.

If you don't feel this face on a spiritual level, are you really a college student?

23. When you get to a class where didn't do the assignment that was due and have to make up a sob story to explain why.

Just let your professor know how hard your week has been since your goldfish died. That's sure to secure that deadline extension.

24. Then how you feel leaving that class if they don't buy it and take off late points anyway.

You had plenty of time to do the assignment. You know they're right, but blame them anyway.

25. Anytime the professor calls out the class for not doing the reading assignment.

Call my time management skills poor if you must, but at least I have my priorities straight. Sleep over chapters 5-7 any day.

26. Eating at restaurants when you go home.

And going a little overboard when ordering because it all sounds so good compared to what you've gotten used to, and you can't just choose one thing. You've gotta take advantage of the good food while you can.

27. Leaving that long lecture by that one professor who insists on talking at the speed of light the entire time.

You probably don't feel like you've learned anything, but you've sure gained some muscle in your hand from all that serious note taking.

28. Let's just say we all know the struggle of using college dorm bathrooms.

Especially on the weekends. Not a pretty sight. Not a fun experience.

29. But when you get to go home and finally have the luxury of a private bathroom back, all is well with the world again.

There is a very real possibility it's temporarily your favorite room in your house.

30. That moment of such pride and accomplishment at 2 am after putting those finishing touches on that paper you waited until the last minute to write.

That is until you try to proof-read it, see that it's a big jumbled mess, and realize you really should have started two weeks ago when it was assigned. Hey, old habits die hard. Once a procrastinator, always a procrastinator.

31. When you finally get some much-needed downtime, then a friend asks if you want to do something.

But you've already settled in for some serious Netflix and napping. So you tell them you'll need a rain check because you have to work on that assignment you totally forgot about. Come on, we're all guilty of this one. You do you, boo. Treat 'yo self.

32. During finals week when you're ultra stressed and in that perpetual state of complaining at any chance you get to anyone and everyone.

But also not having any time to listen to their problems because you have plenty of your own.

33. That moment when you reluctantly give up on being able to do it all, but you're still a perfectionist.

The stress of juggling school, your social life, and all your other commitments just isn't worth it. Your resume will turn out just fine, I promise. After all, isn't this supposed to be the best four years of your life? Do what makes you happy and enjoy it while it lasts.

34. That feeling when you walk around campus and it seems like everyone else is in a happy relationship, except you.

There may be no hope for your live life, but hey, there will always be food, right?

35. That constant nagging feeling in the back of your mind that you're forgetting something.

Maybe it's just me, but my mind is always running a million miles a minute because there always seems to be a never ending to-do list, and oh yeah, plenty of things to casually freak out about. If you're a college student, you've probably said this once or twice. Or a million times.

As much as we may like to complain, at the end of the day I think most of us can agree that college really is pretty great. It's full of amazing people, new experiences, and our last days to enjoy being relatively carefree before we venture out into the real world. And, as much as we all may dislike her as a contestant on the Bachelor, I think we all have to admit that we have at least a little part of Corinne in us somewhere. If you don't, you're probably lying to yourself.

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