35 Activities To Do When You're Bored
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35 Activities To Do When You're Bored

For when there is nothing to do

35 Activities To Do When You're Bored
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When there is nothing to do, and it seems like the never-ending pile of homework is thin, boredom sets in fast, especially when it is too cold outside. Here is a list of things you can do when there is, well, nothing to do.

1. Watch movies

2. Clean (Admit it, dorm rooms get disgusting quickly)

3. Read

4. Study (You know it needs to be done)

5. Start a journal

6. Get some friends and have a board game night

7. If you have a car, take a drive to a neighboring town

8. Explore your campus.

9. Get lost on Pinterest

10. Go to a craft store and pick up some easy crafts, like paint by numbers

11. Do a puzzle

12. Organize your closet and/or your desk

13. Laundry

14. Change your sheets (They are probably a mess)

15. Make your bed (If you are on the top bunk, this can take up to 15 minutes if it includes putting a sheet on. It's a struggle.)

16. DIY some decorations

17. Pick up a new hobby like Zentangle

18. Color!!

19. Go to the gym, or even better, do a workout in your room

20. Or, do some Yoga

21. Meditate (or learn how to!)

22. Take a walk

23. Discover a subject you're passionate about and do as much research about it as you can (and maybe write an article about it)

24. Dance around your room

25. Plan for the coming week

26. Call your family (they probably haven't heard from you in a while)

27. Watch Netflix (there has to be a series that you haven't watched yet)

28. Get creative and write short stories (Pinterest has many prompts to get you started)

29. Watch a documentary on a subject that interests you

30. Or on a subject that you have no interest in. Maybe you'll learn something

31. Renew your passion for your major. Maybe its discovering advancements in the field or watching said documentary above

32. Go through your emails

33. Volunteer your time at an animal shelter, soup kitchen, etc.

34. Go for a photography walk

35. Join a club

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