33 of the Disney Princess Dresses Ultimately Ranked

33 of the Disney Princess Dresses Ultimately Ranked

Some of the things these princesses wear...

Disney Princess dresses have become a source of inspiration for fashion designers and a topic of discussion among fans for as long as we can remember. From choosing our favorite princess to dress up as for Halloween when we are kids to choosing a wedding dress that is inspired by a princess when we are adults, the iconic line-up’s dresses are relevant. People are always looking to choose favorites. So after reading Buzzfeed’s article ranking Disney princess dresses, I thought it my turn.

33. Ariel’s makeshift/beach dress

What a fashion disaster.

32. Snow White’s servant dress

How is she even walking in those shoes? And where did the puffy sleeves come from?

31. Tiana’s servant dress

If the apron was taken off, this would be actually be cute.

30. Cinderella’s servant dress

Again, the apron.

29. Belle’s town dress

Why is she wearing an apron? She's not a maid.

28. Aurora’s Briar Rose dress


27. Cinderella's mice-made dress

Kind of middle school, if you ask me.

26. Pocahontas’ dress

That necklace! And not having to wear any shoes? Count me in!

25. Merida’s "hat" dress

Besides the "hat" this is actually a pretty dress.

24. Merida’s green dress

Looks warm.

23. Belle’s green library dress

Simple, elegant, but boring.

22. Snow White’s dress

The colors, the shoes, but what's with the collar?

21. Jasmine’s “dress”



COLORS! Points taken off for lack of creativity.

20. Mulan's first dress


19. Belle’s pink dress

Better than the green one is all that I have to say.

18. Mulan’s homecoming dress

Really coming back in style after saving China. #NBD

17. Ariel’s blue dress

That bow though.

16. Aurora’s blue dress

15. Aurora’s pink dress


14. Anna's dress for the coronation

Those cap sleeves!

13. Mulan's pink dress


12. Belle’s dress

Definitely the Belle of the Ball.

11. Anna’s dress

Perfect winter attire.

10. Elsa’s coronation dress

The color, the cloak, and the crown!

9. Moana’s dress

You wouldn't think that orange could work nice, huh?

8. Ariel’s pink dinner dress

Lovin' it!

7. Ariel's "new" dress


6. Rapunzel's dress

If it's purple, I'm all for it!

5. Tiana’s green-feathered dress

The glow up is real.

4. Cinderella’s ball gown

Sorry if you thought this would be first, but I'm mostly in this for the shoes.

3. Ariel’s "I'm human again" dress

Becoming human again really gives a girl a glow up.

2. Tiana’s blue dress

Sleeves actually working...

and that low back!

1. Elsa’s ice dress


Cover Image Credit: theodysseyonline.com

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I Turned My Old Pair Of Leggings Into A Shirt!

Turning your old clothes into something that you can wear everyday!


Have you ever found yourself going through your closet, searching through endless amounts of clothes only to find that you actually have nothing to wear?

Well, that is me all the time.

I feel like I struggle constantly to find something that will me "good". I always watch on Instagram, Facebook, and even Snapchat about videos of people transforming their old clothes into something fun and trendy. Let's rewind the story a little bit to last Thursday:

My usual plans for Thursday are school and then coaching color guard; last Thursday we did not have guard so I had a free night. What to do with my time? Then the idea hit me:


My heart was full of excitement, but my wallet was trembling in fear; especially when it came to Charlotte Russe. In there, I feel like I can spend hours in there just trying on different clothes. So of course, my wallet is still trembling and telling me to just pick ONE thing. And so I did, a little white dress with spaghetti straps.

Flash forward to that Saturday:

After a LOOOOONG day of work, I get home to get ready to go out with one of my best friends. She is sending me pictures of what she's going to wear, while I am trying to figure our what I should wear with my new dress. It's about twenty-six degrees out, and I don't want to be freezing the whole night.

Eventually, my friend tells me to wear a black long sleeve shirt. The only problem with this is that the only shirts I have like that are v-neck, and when I did try on the dress with the shirt; it did not look cute at all. at this point, I am laying on a pile of clothes knowing that I only have a little bit of time to get ready. I am frustrated and angry.

Why does everything look terrible?

Then, in a pile that is supposed to be donated, I find a pair of all black fleece leggings. Another light bulb went off: Make it into a shirt! I had seen soo many videos of people doing it and the "shirts" looking really cute, but at the same time, I felt like I would totally screw it up.

Just send it.

That phrase kept popping in my mind, and so I finally sent it. The "shirt" actually came out really well! my outfit looked cute and people kept telling me how adorable it was! Plus, the fleece leggings did keep me warm in the chilly night.

Overall, I feel like some of the DIY videos you see are sketchy, but the leggings are a for sure go to!

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