If you haven't seen Lifetime's newest and hottest show, "UnREAL," then you better start watching now.

This "Bachelor"-like faux-reality show was created by the former associate producer on "The Bachelor," Sarah Gertrude Shapiro. Season one aired on June 1, 2015, and season two is already into its fifth episode bringing in sky-high ratings since its premiere last month on June 6. The show is receiving such incredible feedback, that "UnREAL" was already picked up for a third season ahead of the season two premiere date.

On this season of "Everlasting," we see the show's first black suitor -- and this something that's also never been on done on "The Bachelor" or "Bachelorette." The drama is crazier, the lies are bigger and Quinn and Rachel become more manipulative than ever.

It's absolutely brilliant and I can't stop watching.

Here are some things that run through my mind and probably all of our minds as we watch television's best drama.

1. Why would Quinn and Rachel get matching tattoos that look like they were tattooed by a 5-year-old?

2. Why is Adam still calling Rachel and why does she have his number...?

3. Is there any way we can bring Adam back for another season?

4. Did Rachel really just snort all of that cocaine...?

5. Why is everyone so judgmental of a black suitor?

6. Wait, why has there never been a black "Bachelor or "Bachelorette?"

7. I wonder if anyone can see Rachel and Romeo having sex through this window right now...

8. OMG, is Beth Ann actually wearing a Confederate Flag in front of Darius right now...

9. Does Darius actually like anybody on the show?

10. Is this actually Chet's baby?

11. Is Rachel ever going to take any of those pills her mother keeps on sending her?

12. I wonder if Rachel showered today...

13. Yeah...probably not...

14. But how does Rachel's hair always look so clean when she never showers...

15. I wonder if Jeremy is still in love with Rachel and that's why he keeps on trying so hard to sabotage her life 24/7...

16. No, seriously, is this actually Chet's baby?

17. When will Madison ever stop "doing special favors" for people on set?

18. How are those girls standing there in bikini's in that freezing weather?!

19. I wonder how many times Quinn can make someone cry...

20. Who dresses Madison? Someone needs to give that girl some style tips ASAP!

21. Will there ever be an episode where Madison doesn't have her hair in braids?

22. Did Rachel really think the network would let a psycho take over "Everlasting?"

23. Is Rachel actually crazy or just a manipulative genius?

24. Is it safe for Darius to get this epidural?

25. OMG, Darius might actually care for someone on this show!

26. Maybe Ruby is the one...

27. I wonder how many times can Rachel go behind Quinn's back...

28. Nope, Darius is just a straight up jerk.


30. Why did Jeremy grow out his beard...he looked so much hotter without it!

31. How come we never actually see anybody eat on this show?

32. I wonder how many times Quinn and Chet can yell at each other in one episode.

33. I CANNOT believe Jeremy just hit Rachel...

34. Did Chet actually just save Rachel and do something for somebody other than himself?

35. Will anybody actually ever out-Quinn Quinn?

36. I wonder if people who are on "The Bachelor" or "Bachelorette" are watching this show right now...