32 Fashion Struggles You Knew If You Were A 2000s Kid
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32 Fashion Struggles You Knew If You Were A 2000s Kid

From gauchos to frosted tips. We've seen it all.

32 Fashion Struggles You Knew If You Were A 2000s Kid
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When I was a little girl, my mother had always picked out my outfits for me. Once I reached fourth grade or so, I was able to pick out my own outfits. However, my mother still controlled what went in my closet until around my freshman year of high school. She wasn’t strict or anything, she just wanted me to look nice. I am beyond thankful that my mother picked out my clothes for me. If she didn’t, I probably would have left my house every morning looking like a rainbow threw up on me.

Unfortunately, I still endured some of the fashion trends of the early 2000’s. I never had chunky highlights mainly because my mother would have disowned me if I ever got them (Thank you, Mom).

I did, however, have my fair share of T-shirts with “ABERCROMBIE” and “HOLLISTER SO. CAL.” written across the chest. Alongside my painfully labeled shirts were a couple denim skirts, a pair of hot pink crocs with some flower Jibbitz, and bedazzled bebe tank-tops.

I was lucky enough to not have experienced more drastic styles, jeans with a dress. But here are some to jog your memory (like you could ever forget).

1. Ponchos

We all secretly wanted these to come back.

2. Army pants

Trendsetter since day one.

3. Chokers

The "I'm punk rock and listen to Green Day" phase.

4. Beaded headbands

Never ever comfortable.

5. Chunky highlights

Such a beautiful disaster.

6. Halter tops

These babies are still around, just thankfully not like this.

7. Jersey skirts

Your math teacher still wears these paired with platform flip-flops.

8. Dresses with pants

Why Anne, why?

9. Shrugs

Completely impractical and do not keep you warm at all.

10. Layering and layering and more layering


11. Trucker Hats

One of my best friends still wears these.

12. Livestrong Bracelets

Paired with even the nicest of outfits. You wear a dress to the school dance? Can't forget the yellow bright rubber bracelet!

13. Tiny sunglasses


14. Inanimate object earrings/gel spikes

These things made you look like a total bad-ass on the playground.

15. The mini skirt

Trashy and classy.

16. Lower than low-rise jeans

These needed to go.

17. Labels, Labels, Lables

I bet you can't figure out where my shirt is from.

18. Heely’s

They were ugly as hell but man they were practical.

19. Cheetah print

It can be cute at times, I'll give it that.

20. Limited Too

A fourth grader's heaven.

21. Bedazzled anything

If you couldn't afford them, you could just bedazzle them on your own with the Bedazzler!

22. Velcro/light up sneakers

Would be helpful during a power outage.

23. Ed Hardy

Straight from the tool box.

24. Crocs

The OG "what are those..."

25. Jeans with no pockets

Where the heck are you supposed to put your stuff?

26. Studded belts

Pacsun and Hot Topic made these by the thousands.

27. Coach

Because who wouldn't want the letter "C" over all their accessories.

28. K-Swiss

I'd still wear these.

29. bebe tank tops

These are still being sold in case you were wondering.

30. Matching your pants and top

Obviously you match you top and bottom, otherwise you would just like stupid. Duh.

31. Tiffany and Co. bracelets and necklaces

You were the richest girl in school if you had these.

32. Juicy Couture velour tracksuits

So ugly but so comfy.

Although all of these styles are — thankfully — out of style, they will forever remain in our memories. RIP shiny cargo pants.

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