33 Things You Know Too Well If You Graduated From Cornwall
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33 Things You Know Too Well If You Graduated From Cornwall

No one does 4th of July better than Cornwall, that's a fact

33 Things You Know Too Well If You Graduated From Cornwall
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Cornwall Central High School, home of the dragons.

If you're one of the 20 or so people who didn't go to a SUNY, or even if you are still nearby but still feel a bit nostalgic, here's a blast from the past. You know you miss it, even if you thought it was a prison.

1. Feeling a little too self conscience when you crossed over the bridge to get to your class

It's too white and too much window — a lot of things going on.

2. Hating Monroe with every fiber of your being because they always closed for snow

The day Cornwall closes for snow is the day Sklaroff retires.

3. Having to explain to everyone why our football team played at our middle school

The track. It's because of the track (see #26 )

4. Waiting until Senior Year to be an actual Cornwall Crazy

RIP The real Cornwall Crazies 2005-2014

5. Dinners at Gasho and having to take a pic at the garden EVERY TIME

If you didn't take a pic at Gasho did you even go to Gasho?

6. Knowing the Newburgh Mall went downhill after Old Navy closed

7. Taking prom pics on the Hudson River

It was hit or miss if the river actually came out or if there were random classmates in the background, but we still all went. It's tradition.

8. Hating Goshen for literally no reason

9. Hating Port Jervis for literally no reason

And getting in trouble for all the politically incorrect comments we yelled at them

10. Actually, hating any high school within a half hour despite being exactly the same

11. Prima's Pizza

Even NYC can't beat its Margarita pizza

12. Having to drive all the way to Poughkeepsie for a decent mall

13. Taking artsy pics of your coffee at Two Alice's

14. Taking your Two Alice's coffee and taking artsy pics of it at High Point

15. High Point in general

16. Knowing pep rallies were only hype when Sheboy was running them.

Only real 90s kids remember the Sheboy days of CCHS

17. Going here at least once every summer in middle school

18. Getting lit on the 4th of July

Because no one does 4th of July better than Cornwall, that's a fact

19. "The Man Dance"

20. Being weirdly afraid of driving down Broadway in Newburgh

And double checking to make sure you rolled up your windows and the doors were locked.

21. Sneaking up to the trestle

And being crushed when the cops actually started patrolling there

22. Only being friends with people who went to your elementary school

Lee Road Elementary alum where ya at??

23. Getting Weirs on your first real date

24. Knowing exactly which SUNY everyone went to

And making sure you knew exactly which 20 or so people are going to yours

25. The nightmare that is Five Corners

And hauling it out of the parking lot so you weren't stuck behind that red light that lasts forever

26. Going to Bethel at least once

FGL at Bethel Woods will always be legendary

27. Making fun of all the middle schoolers for thinking they're cool for walking around town even though you used to do the exact same thing

28. The satisfaction of running the mile knowing that our track isn't regulation length

It's why our football field is so ratchet, but it's so worth it

29. Being exploited for only minimum wage at the Commons and not doing anything about it

30. Insisting you're from Upstate because we are more than an hour away from the city

It's not like we're Ossining or John Jay, we're not even that close to the city

31. Your Insta was filled with pics of NYC on St. Patrick's Day

And also skipping school to get lit on St. Patrick's Day in NYC

32. Actually your Insta was filled with pics of the city for every major holiday

OK, maybe we are close to the city

33. Throwing your tassel in the air at graduation even though Admin told us not to


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