30 Unexpected Perks Of Being A Camp Counselor
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30 Unexpected Perks Of Being A Camp Counselor

30 Unexpected Perks Of Being A Camp Counselor

During the Summer of 2015, I committed to seven weeks of working as a counselor at a small town camp. Being surrounded by kids for an entire summer changed my perspective, I was given the amazing opportunity to make an impact on the young lives of tomorrow. Being a counselor, comes with dozens of unique perks other jobs can't come close to offering.

1. I was able to wear Nike shorts and t-shirts on the daily.

2. I got to tan everyday.

3. Being weird and crazy is part of the job description.

4. Being on staff felt like being part of a family.

5. I was able to try new activities I never would have tried otherwise.

6. I feel really cool when I tell people I have a level one archery instructor certification, even though I'll probably never use it.

7. I learned way too many verses of "Boom Chicka Boom," along with every other camp song.

8. I got three meals a day at a scheduled time, so now when I don't dinner at 5:30 something feels off.

9. I was able to be active everyday.

10. I now have a large collection of lanyards and friendship bracelets from my campers.

11. My technology use was limited, so I was able to live life unplugged for a while.

12. Hearing, "You're my favorite counselor," is one of the biggest confidence boosters.

13. I was never judged at camp.

14. I became pretty great at playing rainy day games.

15. Being around 30 kids with mallets making leather crafts all at once is a terrifying thing, but seeing their excitement afterwards makes it worthwhile.

16. Hiking up a hill to the climbing wall everyday was a struggle, but seeing the campers so pumped about rock climbing made it worthwhile.

17. I was able to meet some of the most hilarious and positive people I've ever met.18. I became a pro at killing bugs.

19. Showers are optional, and sometimes sleep is greater than being clean.

20. We have code words for everything.

21. "Hey, what are you doing Saturday after 3?" became a common question for my friends and I spent weekends exploring small towns.

22. Walmart shirts with cats on them are stylish at camp.

23. Care packages and letters are a few of my favorite things.

24. Falling asleep to the song, "Taps" every night never got old.

25. Stargazing was a weekly requirement.

26. It is never a bad time to start singing.

27. My patience and tolerance levels have grown incredibly high.

28. My storytelling skills are much better now.

29. I learned to handle conflicts and homesickness among campers all in one job.

30. I had a continuous purpose at camp.

As a counselor, I grew, learned and changed. It was the best way to spend a Summer

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