30 Things You Can Do Today
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Here are thirty things you can do to make the days go by. Do them all today, or do one thing for the next thirty days!

1. Actually do your readings for class

This sounds super boring, and even the English major in me most of the time doesn't want to do my readings for class. But, again, what else is there to do? There's a lot more fun to come out of your weekly Zoom meetings with your professors when you actually know what you're talking about (for once).

2. Do all your other homework 

Allow yourself to feel accomplished for once during quarantine .

3. Delve deep into your Instagram explore page for new baking recipes  

Anyone else baking up a storm even though pre-quarantine you never even touched your oven dials? Welp, that's been me, and my Instagram explore page knows it too. It's filled with tons of recipes to fuel my new baking addiction and, unfortunately, also my weight gain. If you're going to do this, you MUST start with THIS recipe. It's perfect and tastes just like the Levain Bakery cookies from NYC. Sorry, I don't make the rules.

4. Online shop 

If I had the funds currently to do this, I'm telling you it's all I would do. Have you seen the sales right now? And so many stores donating some/all of their profits to help those in need during this global crisis. Buy some loungewear, go back-to-school shopping already because literally what else is there to do? Also, tons of small businesses are going to be hurting right now, so go support them if you can!

5. Paint something 

Painting is therapeutic... you don't have to be good at it to enjoy doing this. If you are a good artist, frame it or something after. Good for you! You did something during this quarantine period that wasn't eating an entire box of mac and cheese by yourself.

6. Tie dye your own matching set 

Order some cheap white sweats, t-shirts, and sweatshirts on Amazon along with a tie dye kit, and go crazy.

7. Paint your nails 

No one's gonna see them, but it'll feel nice to look a little put together for the first time in weeks.

8. Clean out your room 

Your mom's probably already told you to do this, so just get it done so she gets off your back. Not to mention you'll have a ton of fun uncovering your old high school yearbooks or love letters from your ninth grade boyfriend.

9. Clean out your closet

Yes, this must be separate from cleaning out your room because you know those piles of ugly sorority t-shirts that your big gave you because she didn't want them anymore and the denim shorts that fit you back in eighth grade present a whole other project in and of itself. Make a Poshmark or an Instagram for you to sell all the stuff thats still in good condition and still cute (so NOT your ugly sorority t-shirts, to clarify).

10. Update/perfect your resume 

Especially if you're a sophomore/junior in college, this is the best time to make the thing you hate working on absolutely perfect. No excuses anymore!

11. Read a book 

You know that copy of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*** that your friend got you a couple birthdays ago that you haven't picked up since she gave it to you? Now is the time to read! That! Book!

12. Do at-home workouts 

This is for sure not a groundbreaking idea, but this is literally the best time to get into working out. No creepy old men at the gym can watch you do squats anymore AND there are tons of trainers and Instagram fitness influencers giving sweet deals on their workout apps right now. My personal fave is Megan Roup, founder of The Sculpt Society (her dance cardio workouts are seriously so fun and only 30 minutes)!

13. Make dinner for your family one night 

If this can be done without an extra trip to the grocery store, of course (because stay the fu*k home). Give mom, dad, or whoever's been cooking all of those meals these past couple weeks a break and make yourself useful!

14. Do a face mask 

Or MAKE a homemade face mask. Make sure you don't use too much avocado, though. You need it for your avocado toast 'cause its the only thing that make you feel joy anymore.

15. Binge a new YouTuber

Or rewatch your old favorites. My new hobby is rewatching all of Cody Ko's old vlogs (makes you feel like you're hanging out with people even though you're in the basement of your childhood home sad and alone).

16. Binge a new series 

YEAH I KNOW, not groundbreaking advice, especially after you probably just finished Tiger King like everyone else in the country. Find another one (I heard All American on Netflix is very bingeable). Or rewatch one of your favorite series (I've rewatching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and it's been saving me)

17. FaceTime your friends 

Because you miss them, duh.

18. Find a new think to get into

For me it's been astrology. I realized recently how much I identify with my Virgo-ness and now I can't stop stalking astrology meme accounts until 2 AM. This one's my favorite page.

19. Dye your hair a weird color 

If no one's gonna see the fuchsia ends of your hair why not do it?

20. Make mood boards 

Print out stuff from VSCO, cut out pictures from your moms magazines that she has lying around the house, and tape it all together. Slap on some inspirational quotes on there that are going to get you through quarantine and you're golden.

21. Do something outside 

In the comfort of your own back or front yard, of course. Play basketball in your driveway, go into the garage, get your old Ripstik out and teach yourself how to do it again, tan on your back deck, play hopscotch, I don't care, but you definitely need to get yourself outside for at least a few minutes every day so you don't go stir crazy.

22. Clean out your inbox 

Delete all those emails from Princess Polly saying they're having 20% again. Just do it, please, this is your chance.

23. Make a sentimental TikTok

You're probably not going back to college or high school, so make one of those sentimental TikTok compilations consisting of your favorite drunk memories from the past year. And cry.

24. Order takeout from your favorite restaurant

All our favorite spots for eating out are hurting right now. Take advantage of the opportunity we have to still order pick up or delivery from them to show your support! Order something you don't usually get, too, just to spice things up a lil.

25. Find a new favorite smoothie combination 

Use up some of that stuff in your fridge or pantry and blend it together- you might just find your new favorite morning go-to once we have to start getting up for class/work again.

26. Make up a new cocktail

A slightly different energy from the smoothie, I know.

27. Do a puzzle 

Another good way to feel accomplished.

28. Take a drive

Get out and watch the sunset or sunrise, drive past a beach, or just around your neighborhood. Don't get out of your car though.

29. Remember we're all gonna be out of here soon! 

Hang in there. :)

30. DON'T make TikToks and post them on your Instagram stories

Please, for the love of God, no one wants to see another person trying to dance to "Savage."

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