Just some fun ideas for when you've lost all hope of finding something fulfilling to do:

1. Paint/ Draw something

2. Search for new music on Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud

3. Bake something you never have before

4. Go on a run

5. Go on a hike

6. Watch a movie

7. Start a new Netflix show

8. Go rollerblading with friends

9. Go bowling with friends

10. Go to the Movies

11. Go to a farmers/flea market

12. Draw in a Meditation coloring book

13. Listen to some records on a record player

14. Light some candles, play some music, and relax

15. Send your college friends some heartfelt letters

16. Channel your inner child and do a puzzle or play a board game

17. Give Yoga a try

18. Try a new workout class

19. Eat at a new Restaurant

20. Facetime/Call a friend or family member

21. Volunteer at a local shelter/elderly home

22. Catch up on some current events occurring in your state or country

23. Start a journal

24. Online shop

25. Try to find a job

26. Go outside and enjoy nature

27. Make plans for the weekend

28. Clean up your room/ organize you're things

29. Search for any events or concerts happening in your area

30. Write you're own stories or poems