30 Ideas For Great Blog Topics
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30 Ideas For Great Blog Topics

Writer's block happens to the best of us sometimes.

30 Ideas For Great Blog Topics

The inspiration for this article comes from my current inability to be creative. Normally, before I sit down to write an article or a listicle, I, at least, have some idea of a topic in mind. Throughout the week, I take something that bothers me, or an idea I had, and I put it into words. Unfortunately, this week, I am still coming up blank.

Writer's block is a natural phenomena that happens to the most creative of us. Whether we need one sentence, one page, or one finished product, everyone experiences the inability to think of what to say next. Afraid of word vomiting on the page, we constantly scramble for that perfect phrase or idea. Yet, we continuously arise without an answer. We stumble over the sentences and stare at blank screens until it shines like a light-bulb in our heads. All we needed was that little push, that one idea to shift our gears.

So, if you ever find yourself at a loss for words, try out some of these topic ideas. These ideas are topical, meaning that they won't help you write a term-paper or a news article. However, writing takes practice, and good writing takes time. Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling and to freely write on. "I never feel more myself than when I'm writing; I never enjoy any day more than a good writing day." -Anthony Minghella,

Be creative:

1. Write a short story, (200-1000) words

2. Write a poem

3. Describe a dream you had

4. Share family stories and experiences

5. Start a novel

6. Write a song

Be a dreamer:

6. Describe your ideal vacation

7. Make a bucket list

8. List you must-go destinations

9. Describe your ideal profession

10. Design your dream house

Be analytical:

11. List your top 10 favorites (of anything)

12. Critique a book you recently read

13. Review the movies and shows you have watched

14. Critique a new album

15. Discuss politics

Be passionate:

16. Write about your inspirations

17. Write about your personal relationships

18. Write about your family

19. Write about your strengths and weaknesses

20. Write about yourself

Be visual:

21. Take pictures and caption them

22. Take a picture and try to describe it in words

23. Write about a recipe you tried

24. Make an infographic

25. Share your personal photos and caption each experience

Be yourself:

26. Describe yourself in a few paragraphs

27. Share your fears

28. Describe your emotions and your feelings

29. Talk about your health and your experience in that subject

30. Describe what bothers you, what makes you mad

31. Write, and just keep writing.

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