3 Inner Truths of Deep, Emotional Thinkers
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3 Inner Truths of Deep, Emotional Thinkers

The significance of expression, pain, and actualization to the complex soul.

3 Inner Truths of Deep, Emotional Thinkers
Morgan Richard Olivier

We are the natural lone wolves, the over analyzers, the soft hearts, and the sensitive spirits. We’re sometimes out of touch with reality but very in tune with our emotions. Our old souls and unfamiliar views of the world tend to clash, just as our intellect and street smarts do not intersect. We are the travelers, the creative artists, and the education junkies. We believe that we are souls with a body, not just bodies with a soul. We are complex, yet seemingly perplexed individuals.

We Try to Balance Acceptance and Actualization

Our basic need to express ourselves is the very thing that dictates our peace or mania. There’s nothing we’d desire more than to dive into and wander around the depths of our minds and souls. We are intrigued by psychology, spiritual energy, and the things that manifest inspiration. We dream of a time when we can explain without simplifying the message, speak without diluting our vocabulary, and feel free without need for validation. We want to belong but we don’t want to lose ourselves in the process.

We crave acceptance, affirmation, altruism, and actualization. We fear failure, the loss of control, and living a life that isn’t truly intended for us. Because of that, we are extremely hard on ourselves, vulnerable, and have trouble facing ourselves, trials, and affliction. We inevitably limit ourselves, pretend everything is fine, and get lost in the shuffle around us.

Our Lack of Expression Leads to Suppression, Depression, and Regression

It becomes easier to put a Band-Aid on our feelings and tape over our mouths than having that feeling of being misunderstood or viewed as inferior. We tend to suppress it all: emotions, outlooks, and desires. We become bored, stagnant, and frustrated. Our suppression then has the power to push us over the edge.

Our lack of commonality creates a void that we are so desperate to mend that it only adds to the mess and mayhem. We have this animalistic search for a high to overcast our lows. Many of us have foolishly searched for acceptance or our fit in people, pills, popularity, praise, and even addiction but it doesn’t seem to fill it. In fact, those things just make it worse.

As the regression begins, the mental breakdown ensues, and we feel empty. We can’t function, process, or move. We feel everything so deeply, cry excessively for an unknown solution to our plethora of issues, and are under so much pressure we could s*** diamonds. At that point, a stay at a mental rehab with no outside communication or interaction sounds like a rescue and Sandals getaway wrapped into one. We all experience this sunken place at one point or another in our journey. What we do with that pain and loss of direction determines if we propel into a season of pursued purpose or become paralyzed in our current state.

We Understand That Our Peace Doesn't Come from the Outside World

In an effort to experience growth and understanding, we choose to analyze, detox, and rebuild ourselves. Though it may come across reclusive, we are simply selective with our time, energy, and placement. We realize our refuge lies in exploring our solidarity and awakening our spirit. The more we understand the world and its realities, the more we want to distance ourselves from it.

We realize the importance of feeding our souls and starving our egos. We find peace by diving into nature, music, adventure, and creation. We work to learn more about and find connections with our authentic selves. We, the loners, aren’t lonely. We just aim to be free from the pressures and stresses from the outside world. Through trial, error, and life experiences the lessons prove that we don’t need the audience or pack behind us. Our passions, power, and purpose come from within.

We are the deep, emotional thinkers.

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