For those comic-book inclined TV buffs, the news about Marvel's latest Netflix series, Iron Fist, premiering on March 17 and starring Finn Jones as the title role, is enough to get fists pumping (get it?). The show focuses on the journey of one Danny Rand in a manner that is radically different from other Marvel shows, and it is definitely worth watching. But don't take my word for it, True Believers; here are 3 reasons to blast "Kung Fu Fighting" and get ready for Marvel's Iron Fist on Netflix:

1. The show takes place in the
mystical birthplace of kung fu: K'un-Lun


Without explaining any origin stories and thus ruining half of the series (for the non-comic book initiated), K'un-Lun rests in the mountainous region of Tibet within the People's Republic of China. The city and its inhabitants hail from a different dimension that appears on Earth every so often. One of those appearances happened to coincide with Danny Rand's presence in the mountain range. How he got there and why will be explored in the show (so stay tuned).

2. The show paves the way for more colorful characters to join Marvel's heroic fray

Besides being inherently awesome, Marvel Netflix has handled the expanded universe quite well for the few series it has running; Daredevil introduced Madame Gao, a drug trader in Hell's Kitchen whose own origins tie in directly to Iron Fist. She even mentions returning to K'un-Lun in an episode of Daredevil (albeit vaguely and devoid of context).

A more exciting possibility, however, is the introduction of the Immortal Weapons to the show (shown above). K'un-Lun is one of Seven Cities of Heaven which all harbor their own champion; Iron Fist, for example, is K'un-Lun's champion. Each decade, the Seven Cities of Heaven hold a tournament of champions, and the winner's city gets to appear on the Earthly dimension. This plot may be too extensive for season one, but either way, the connection is there and surely one that Marvel will exploit.

3. Danny Rand will join with his Marvel Netflix predecessors in "The Defenders"

Speaking of different characters, this particular aspect of Iron Fist is confirmed and set to premiere this year. Marvel's latest Netflix titles, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage have all been show to have connections to one another. Iron Fist is the linchpin in this quartet, and his connection to another dimension opens up (pun intended) several possibilities for expansion and development. It'll be like a small-screen version of Avengers but with more swearing and less spandex.

There you have it, plenty of reasons to get pumped for Marvel's latest Netflix series. Prepare to focus your chi into binging this display of mystical kung fu goodness.