I never thought "Gossip Girl" was a show with much substance, but now that I am revisiting it this summer, I realize "Gossip Girl" is awesome! Beyond being entertaining and dramatic, for me, watching the show benefitted me in real life. So much of the show reflects the reality of teenage life and social interaction that is impossible not to share similar experiences to Serena and Blair. Furthermore, it is impossible not to draw parallels between drama in your life and drama in the show. This gives me a rare opportunity to watch drama in my life unfold before me.

These are the three ways "Gossip Girl" has helped me in my real life.

1. Relatable characters

The characters on Gossip Girl all possess positive and negative personality traits that all viewers can relate to. Though they may behave badly towards one person, the viewers know that the character's actions are justified which redeems the character. We all can recall ourselves behaving in a similar way or struggling with a similar battle at some point in our lives which allows us to sympathize with the characters. Despite all their flaws we still root for them. Gossip girl has many protagonists that all have their own timelines, and we care about all of them!

2. Objective point of view Another reason why I love watch Gossip Girl is that it allows me to see situations that happen in real life from an objective point of view which means I can observe events unfold unbiased by emotional attachment or personal preferences. Even though the events in Gossip Girl are fictional, they ring true. Watching Gossip Girl is a rare opportunity to remove yourself from drama and watch everything from all sides of the situation. While at times this may be frustrating, especially when the character is doing something rash, it is a learning experience. I am able to see both sides of Blair and Serena’s argument, and draw parallels to arguments with my friends. I am able to observe how they make compromises and draft solutions. Sometimes the observation is enough to inspire me to make a change.

3. Clairvoyance

Adding onto my earlier point, the observing helps me to see how one action will affect an entire situation. This gives me foresight into my own life and my own issues. In real life, you never get to see the big picture from a birds eye view, but when you watch "Gossip Girl," you see every side of the story. I get the opportunity to preview the outcome of one choice or another. When similar situations happen to me in real life, I am better equipped to make the best choice.

"Gossip Girl" does not get enough credit, but it has truly given the viewer such an amazing gift because it has created relatable characters we can watch our lives through. Thanks to "GG," I'm able to make more informed choices because I know what the outcome will be.

If you were not a fan of "Gossip Girl," I encourage you to revisit it paying attention to the three things I mentioned!