3 Questions I have For Episode 2 Of 'American Horror Story: Cult'
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3 Questions I have For Episode 2 Of 'American Horror Story: Cult'

After recovering from the horrific clowns in episode 1, I have some questions for episode 2.

3 Questions I have For Episode 2 Of 'American Horror Story: Cult'
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If you are a fan of AHS, you know season 7 of the popular American horror television show premiered on Tuesday, Sept. 5 on FX. This horrifying season is titled "Cult", the plot involves the result of the 2016 American election and an assumed cult of terrifying clowns. After watching the first episode and shaking the initial terror from my mind, I have 3 questions that I would like to have answered in episode 2.

1. Is Ally (Sarah Paulson) Insane or actually being targeted?

Since Trump was elected President of the United States, Ally's phobias of clowns, small holes in objects, and blood begin to return. Ally goes to see her therapist after her wife, Ivy urges her to. The therapist prescribes her anti-anxiety medication. She refuses to take the medicine and begins to see clowns and imagine objects with small holes and blood. When Ally would contact Ivy or tell the police, they said there's no evidence and think she's insane. Is Ally just imagining the group of clowns due to her anxiety being heightened from the election or are they a dangerous cult that is actually targeting her? Perhaps from her loyalty to Clinton? But if the clowns are real, why is Ally also seeing her other phobias?

2. Who is the cult and what do they want?

In episode one, we aren't directly shown the cult or told what the cult's mission is, but I can assume the cult is run by a insane Trump supporter and is targeting the Clinton supporters by scaring or torturing them with terrifying clowns. This theory would make sense in Ally's case since she is a huge Clinton supporter. At the end of the episode, one of the families in Ally and Ivy's neighborhood was brutally slain and the cops call it a murder suicide- no talk of clowns. While Oz, Ally and Ivy's son, claims he saw a group of scary clowns pull up to the house in an ice cream truck and murder the family. Maybe the family was a big supporter of Hilary Clinton and the cult (the clowns) murdered them for that twisted reason? Sounds like American Horror Story to me, but we will find out, hopefully in episode 2.

3. Is Kai (Even Peters) the leader of the cult?

From the beginning of the episode, Kai acts in a strange manor. He is ecstatic when Trump wins the election- in sharp comparison to everyone else's devastation. Therefore his actions left me with an uneasy feeling about his character. He goes as far to crush cheese puffs and paste them on his face to resemble Trump's fake tan. If the cult's intension is to terrorize or kill Clinton supporters, I would assume Kai to secretly be the leader because of his intense enthusiasm towards Trump's election. Furthermore, his conversation with his sister, Winter left me feeling even more suspicious about Kai. Winter tells Kai "I'm so scared now," and Kai replies with a malicious grin "Everyone is." This leads me to believe Kai is the leader and is potentially banking on America's fear of the government to fuel his cult?

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