The 3 Best Things About Christmas Time

3 Of The Best Things That Happen During Christmas Time

Whether the holiday season is your favorite time of year or not, you can't deny how great the holiday things are and how much we enjoy the.

1. We get to put up decorations

This is quite possibly my favorite part of the holiday season. Making my habitation feel festive is one of the things that nearly ensures that I get into the holiday spirit. Plus, there's bound to be some mishaps (broken ornaments, etc) that lead to family bonding. It also provides an excuse to do my second favorite activity next to putting up new decor - shopping for new decor!

2. The family gets together

If your family is anything like mine, we're all typically super busy. So when we do get that chance to spend time together during the holidays, it feels amazing. We're cracking jokes and catching up all day long. Being able to spend time with the ones I love is undefeated and surely one of the parts I enjoy most about the holidays.


It doesn't always happen, but when it does, it magical! No matter how old I get, I will always exclaim "It's snowing!" if I look out of the window and see fresh flakes. Although inconvenient in high amounts, a little bit of snow never hurt anyone! I'm not a girl too fond of spending time outside (because of bugs *shudders*), but when it's snowing, I just might have to step out for a few minutes and enjoy the best of winter.

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