3 Commonalities Every Election Shares

3 Commonalities Every Election Shares

Trends that exist and probably will always exist when voting for the President.

Elliott Stallion

Many people get fired up and upset when it comes to elections. The future and the well-being of our country rest in the hands of whomever our nation elects. While this past election was the first one that I was able to vote in, here are some things that I have come to learn when it comes to voting for the President of the United States.

1. No Matter Who Wins the Election, Half of the Country is Going to Be Against Them

This is something that I have noticed before in previous elections, but I noticed it even more in this past election. People are pretty much split when it comes to candidates in the presidential election. Half of the country generally supports one candidate, and half of the country usually supports the other. This separation is usually the division between democrats and republicans. No matter what happens or who wins the election, half of the country is going to be against the president and the policies he or she puts in place. There will never be a presidential candidate that comes along that receives full support from the nation.

2. The President Has Very Little Influence Over Our Day to Day Lives

While the President is Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, and there is a lot of decision and policy making that comes along with being President, the President has very little influence in our daily lives. Policy making begins at the local level with local governors and politicians. While the president does get the final say in whether or not a law should get passed, there are multiple levels of government that a bill has to go through before it reaches the President and can be made into a law. So many people concentrate on the Presidential election so much that they forget about the importance of voting in local elections and appointing local politicians that reflect the opinions of the people.

3. People Like to Be Right

This applies not only to elections, but just people in general. People like to be right, and they get upset when they are wrong. Some people who are strictly democratic or republican are so focused on their party winning that they forget to focus on the candidate and his or her policies. Furthermore, when people have their mind made up about a presidential candidate, it is very difficult to sway their opinions because people become set in their ways, and they like to be correct.

There is nothing wrong with having an opinion, and politics will always be a touchy subject for many people. but here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to voting for a presidential candidate.

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