3 Benefits Of Blogging
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3 Benefits Of Blogging

My Odyssey Experience.

3 Benefits Of Blogging
Bram Naus

Writing for a blog, like Odyssey, is an amazing experience for writers and thinkers. There are countless opportunities that open up for you once you start putting your thoughts, skills, and hard work together in a coherent matter and publishing it.

Sure it may seem like you are shouting into the void at first, but once you start to get the hang of writing for the web and specifically writing about college (and life) for college students, it can be one of the most rewarding experiences you have in college.

I am grateful for the opportunities I have now, thanks to Odyssey. Countless doors have opened up because I took the time each week to put together an article for a "college blog." Here are just three of the ways I have benefited from writing for Odyssey.

1. Networking and Exposure

It may seem simple but one of the best ways to get your name out there as a content creator is to create content and share it on social media. Not too long after I started writing for Odyssey, one of my Facebook friends who works at a local newspaper recommended me for a freelancing opportunity at the newspaper.

In another instance, I received a message on Instagram from a woman I've never met before regarding an article I had published. In the message, she thanked me for writing something that she could relate to and informed me that the article inspired her to write her own life story out.

The networks and connections that I've made through Odyessy have been life-changing. I know that I couldn't have made these connections without Odyssey.

2. Joining the Conversation

Blogs are often a double-edged sword. They are amazing platforms for writers to express their thoughts and ideas on issues that relate to them (directly or indirectly). Blogs are also a space where people can post whatever they want without concern of the effect it may have on others.

But the stigma that blogs are just a digital diary is becoming a thing of the past. Blogs are becoming a way for people to find and use their voice. Countless bloggers (on and off of Odyssey) are talking about controversial things that impact their lives in ways that traditional media never could.

In any situation, there is a near limitless list of perspectives to be expressed. That's the beauty of blogging communities: they let you think, share, and discuss.

3. Self Expression

Not only are blogs a great place to talk about the world and what's happening, but they are also a great place to escape reality, if only for a little while. Whether you're writing or reading a creative writing piece, there is something transformative about it. The world seems to fade away and the words seem to come to life.

This type of writing on blogs can even be stress relieving and therapeutic. Not only do you benefit from expressing yourself, but your readers will benefit from the sense of community you create.

Moral of the story is: writing for a blog benefits you, your career, your readers, and your health (sort of). I know I've benefited from writing for Odyssey, maybe you could too? You'll never know unless you try it out.

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