For as long as YouTube has been a social media platform and since I have been able to type, I have been accessing videos spanning from a few minutes to a few hours long full of information my creative and never halting mind craves. I have been watching videos about and reading about conspiracy theories since I could comprehend what a conspiracy theory was.

I'm not talking about the Illuminati or whatever the hell Shane Dawson talks about. I'm talking about the obscure stuff. Well, maybe not obscure. But the things that aren't given the main stage like UFOs and the Illuminati.

I will be overviewing my personal favorites.

First and foremost, the conspiracy theory that I have been geeking over the most recently is John Titor. The story of John Titor begins in 2000. Or should I say 1975? Or was it 2036? John Titor is an alleged time traveler from the year 2036. He was sent back in time to the year 1975 to obtain an IBM 5100 computer, as it is one of the only computers able to translate a now outdated programming language.

He stopped in the year 2000 for "personal reasons". Of course, time travel seems impossible and a story like John Titor's can easily be debunked as a well thought out prank. However, when you dive deep into the online chatrooms he used, you can find extremely fine detailed information about his time machine. He also made several predictions about the future. While they haven't come true to the full extent in which he described them, there is reasoning for that. Titor claimed that since he traveled to the year 2000 from the future, our worldline now is about 2.5% different than the world line in which Titor came from. So maybe the events he described will happen further down the line. No one can be sure, but I am sure that it is interesting to think and read about.

Now is where you probably think I walk around wearing a tin foil hat. The second conspiracy theory I'm going to talk about is Chemtrails. For those of you who don't know, a chemtrail (often called a con-trail by those who don't believe chemtrails are real) are chemicals sprayed out of airplanes. It looks like simple condensation, and sometimes, when you look up and see the white stuff coming out of the back of a plane, it is just condensation. However, sometimes it may not be.

It is believed that chemicals such as aluminum and barium are sprayed into our skies daily. Why? Maybe to control the weather. Perhaps to force a population to absorb specific chemicals. What effect could this have on the entire global or even just the population of North America? Could it lead to health issues? Food and water contamination?

Last but not least, I'll talk about Planet X. Planet X is an alleged large and concealed planet at the edge of our solar system. There are plenty of doomsday scenarios surrounding the theory of the planet and theoretical disasters. As someone who was a spooked 13-year-old when December 21, 2012 rolled around (of course I knew nothing would happen, but the little conspiracy theorist in my brain wouldn't shut up), this is something very interesting to watch videos about. And don't even get me started on extraterrestrial life. Of course, it's out there somewhere. The size of the observable universe is simply too big for Earth to be the only habitable planet. And that's only the observable universe. Imagine what else is out there.