Party games are something we are familiar with. Whether it's playing beer pong at the massive ragers or playing Catan at a small hangout with close friends, games are parties just seem to mix well. The impairing effect of alcohol makes most of us worst and allows for some hilarious moments, whereas some people turn into pong gods after one drop of alcohol. Here is a list of games you might want to consider whipping out at the next party you're at and have people proclaiming you as "The Party Game King."

1. The Jackbox Party Pack 3

This is a steam game that will have you and all your friends in uproarious laughter. It's a very simple concept. Everyone signs in to the game on their phones and then plays along through a variety of games that pit you against each other. The game doesn't take itself too seriously and has a tongue-in-cheek demeanor that only makes it more endearing. The games range from trivia (with fun mini games), a percentage guessing game (where someone will get accused of cheating), a catchphrase like game where you finish sentences and come up with new names for wacky things, a t-shirt designing game (the best one by far), and a game where everyone is asked a question but one person and you all have to determine who the "faker" is by everyone's answers. These games can be as clean or as dirty as you want them to be and the content is almost entirely generated by the players. Things will inevitably get wackier and dirtier as more alcohol enters the situation and your sides WILL be hurting after you're done with this one. The game also can accompany 8 main players and some audience slots for select games so it can allow lots of people to play at once.

2. Rock Band

Singing and drinking are great combinations, because alcohol makes us sing better right? Why not add some fake instruments into the mix and you have a great party game. The number of people that can play at once is a bit more limited but turns are only a few minutes long and people can rotate out. On top of that, spectators can easily sing along and probably laugh along as people inevitably make fools of themselves for trying to hit the high notes in Bohemian Rhapsody on the mic or as the guitarist completely fails the epic guitar solo from "Crazy Train". People will be begging for you to bring this one again.

3. Mortal Kombat or any fighting game tbh

Whip out your favorite fighting game and some controllers and people are bound to be heated. People will crawl out of the wood works to prove their prowess in these digital battle arenas. The great thing about fighting games are that even the seasoned experts can get beat out by that button-mashing newbie, especially as more and more alcohol enter the mix. Every single landed combo will be met with the roar from the spectators as they get all riled up to take on the reigning champ themselves.

These are just some of my picks that always liven up my parties and my friends love them. What are some of your favorite party games? Let me know how these work out if you give them a shot!