3 artists from Thousand Oaks that you NEED to check out

1) Jesse James Rutherford ('The Neighbourhood)

I would consider this band to be my all-time favorite musical group because their music has made such an impact on my life. Their alternative rock tones give me such a high that there is no need for a 420 session. Both Rutherford and his current girlfriend attended my high school, NPHS, which is pretty rad. Did I mention that I own phone cases from his girlfriend's company, Wildflower Cases? I'm practically part of their friend circle.

On a serious note, the Neighbourhood's lyrics are far from the generic mainstream trash you hear on the radio nowadays. Just LOOK at these genius lyrics:

"Throw me in a box with the oxygen off
You gave me the key then you locked every lock
When I can't breathe, I won't ask you to stop
When I can't breathe, don't call for a cop
I was naive and hopeful and lost
Now I'm aware and trapped in my thoughts"

How deep is that? Absolutely amazing. Those lyrics are gonna leave a dent in your noggin.

2) Olivia O'Brien

O'Brien blew up from being featured on Gnash's hot track 'i hate you, i love you'. However, the 17-year-old Thousand Oaks native has a couple more singles in her back pocket that deserve to be heard by a larger audience. Her indie pop tones can make anyone's bad day turn into a great one, no matter the circumstance.

According to Complex magazine, O'Brien gave this statement on her single 'Trust Issues': "The song is empowering for girls and anyone who doesn't want to be treated like they're less than a guy or anyone who finds it hard to obtain self-worth without the approval of another person,"

3) Colbie Caillat

Gotta give a shoutout to my girl Colbie. I know y'all know she's a household name, but I think it's so cool that an artist as renowned as her is from my hometown! The song above is really what made me fall in love with her music. 'Try' gives off such good vibes and such a positive message to all women everywhere, no matter the age, skin color, weight. It's really rare to find female artists who are willing to take off all their makeup on camera for the world to see. I think that proves her authenticity not only as an artist, but as a human being.

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