29 Proven ‘90s Nostalgia Triggers Millennials Consume Like Cocaine

29 Proven ‘90s Nostalgia Triggers Millennials Consume Like Cocaine

It is no surprise that we are constantly bringing back trends from the '90s.

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For those of us ages 14 years old to 36 years old, there are a few things we love more than coke. One of those is the 1990s, a decade when life was all play, no work.

It is no surprise that we are constantly bringing back trends from the '90s. There is even a '90s nostalgia box you can subscribe to and once a month, get '90s items delivered to your door.

We have a hard time leaving things in the past and I guarantee you saw at least 10 of these items today.

1. Scrunchies.

The perfect hair accessory to take your hair from drab to fab.

2. Doc Martins.

Combat boots are so bad ass and practical.

3. Overalls.

Leave one strap off and you have reached the pinnacle of the '90s.

4. Grunge.

Thank you, Seattle.

5. Birkenstocks.

They are comfortable and will last forever. Sign me up.

6. Jelly Sandals.

Bonus points if they have glitter.

7. Skate tees.

Appropriating skater culture is so '90s.

9. One pant leg tucked into your sock.

This one is mainly due to Eleven's bad ass entrance in "Stranger Things 2."

10. Bleached hair.

Frosted tips never looked so good.

11. Crop tops.

Boys, please get in on this.

12. Mom jeans.

Comfortable and sexy. Let's go to the thrift store ASAP.

13. Neon windbreakers.

The wind never stood a chance against this fashion trend.

14. Adidas superstars.

*Insert bad pun about being a superstar here*

15. Striped Sweaters.

Oversized and comfortable for the win.

16. Ripped jeans

Wear hole or tear hole?

17. Flannels.

Tie them around your waist or wear them properly. They are hot regardless.

18. New Balance sneakers.

Dad shoes are the greatest thing since the '90s.

19. Turtlenecks.

Thank God for turtlenecks because they make the winter bearable.

20. Bucket Hats.

Value village trip, anyone?

21. Timberland boots.

These are no longer just an NY thing.

22. Tommy Hilfiger.

Tommy Hilfiger is the new Calvin Klein.

23. Chokers.

Fair warning. You will probably receive dad jokes about not being able to breathe.

24. Brown Lipstick.

No one does this better than Kylie.

25. Platform shoes.

Added height but also added risk of breaking your ankle.

26. Denim.

Canadian suit, baby.

27. Pixie hair cuts.

These are gorgeous.

28. Butterfly clips.

These make me feel like a kid again and I low-key love it.

29. Bowl cuts.

OK, these could probably could have been left behind.

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