27 Thoughts College Students Have the First Week of Class

27 Thoughts College Students Have the First Week of Class

Is it too early to wear sweatpants?


1. When is it acceptable to wear sweatpants?

2. Why did I schedule an 8 am???

3. Why did I schedule class until 8 pm???

4. We're actually reading the syllabus? *heavenly music plays*

5. We're lecturing on the first day?!

6. I know none of these people

7. Attendance policy? OK

8. No exams?? *more heavenly music plays*

9. That girl has sweatpants on, why didn't I just wear them?

10. Excuse me, classmate, no one cares about your major here. This is a gen ed.

11. Whose phone keeps going off??

12. Whoops, that's my phone

13. I already have two weeks worth of homework and it's the first day

14. I miss my dog

15. Did I really not schedule a lunch break??

16. How dare you sit in the unassigned seat I claimed on the first day!

17. When can I take a nap?

18. Please share your granola bar, I'm so hungry

19. Why is nothing online?

20. Why is everything online??

21. I'm dropping out

22. How many more weeks?

23. I'm wearing sweatpants tomorrow

24. I'll take an extra large coffee, please

25. Do we really need to read this?

26. I am going to fail

27. Is it spring break yet???

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