Cuddling is my favorite pastime, and personally, I think snuggles are the best way to destress, steal warmth and connect with others — all without saying a word. Fellow snuggle buns will know what I mean. Here are 27 things only cuddlers know to be true.

1. Whether it's once a day or once every two weeks, every cuddler has an cuddle quota to meet.

Quality cuddle time should never be disregarded as a "luxury."

2. Everyone close to you is aware of this. Even the "no-touchie" sibling cannot deny your affection.

3. You're resistant to new people.


4. But once you get to know them, you're overly friendly at times.

5. When you're tired, your mom/best friend knows you well enough to pat their lap so you lay your head and snooze.

Till their thigh goes numb, and they shove you off. Then you just cuddle yourself around them.

6. You're the only one at sleepovers who's excited about the sleeping part.

7. And sometimes, that makes you look like a touchy-feely creep.

8. But really, you just want some body heat.

9. You always go in for the hug.


10. Refusal to provide cuddles can result in plaintive cries of "You don't love me!"

11. But sometimes you can go days without physical contact and be totally okay.

12. Though most of the time you're craving a snuggle or two

13. Except you hate it when strangers take that to mean you want a hug — from them.

Um, no thanks.

14. You actually don't like everyone touching you.

Only select individuals are deserving of your snuggles.

15. The household pets love you best because of the hours-long cuddles.

16. No matter how old you get, everyone sees you as the "affectionate baby" of the family.

17. The real reason you want a relationship is because of cuddling perks.

18. You can cuddle literally anywhere.

19. But you prefer to cuddle on soft surfaces.

20. And with furry animals.

21. You will seldom pass up the chance for a free hug.

22. But you certainly have your favorites.

Body heat at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit + firm, cozy cuddle grip + smells amazing? Sign me up!

23. Just this.

24. You love soft fuzzy blankets and curling up in them — even when it's summer.

25. You covet fluffy objects, from fuzzy pillow pets to furry phone cases.

26. You daydream of one day lying in a pile of furry animals.

27. But until then, you'll take whatever cuddles you can get.