27 Reasons Why The University of Tulsa is the Best
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Student Life

27 Reasons Why The University of Tulsa is the Best

And 27 is an understatement.

27 Reasons Why The University of Tulsa is the Best
1. Everyone is the same yet so different.

It's a blessing I didn't know I needed to be around people with the same values, compassion, and passion for greatness yet still have entirely different personalities.

2. It's small enough that you get to know so many people yet big enough you don't feel suffocated.

The balance between too big or too small enough of a school is difficult, but TU nails it.

3. You always run into someone you know when you're going to get lunch in the Union or walking to your next class.

The best part is that whoever you run into, they are always smiling.

4. The campus is absolutely gorgeous.

We even have cloned trees to make sure they all change colors in the fall and blossom in the spring at the same time. Every time I walk around campus I don't get tired of looking at our imported from Tennessee limestone or the stunning view of downtown from the library steps (luckily TU bought the airspace between here and there so nothing will ever be built to block the best place to watch a sunset).

5. The education has a standard of excellence.

We go to college to learn and TU does not fall short of the high expectations its students have.

6. We have the cutest stories about why things are the way they are.

For example: our all-girls and all-boys dorms are named after John and Lottie Mabee and are directly across Dietler Commons with their portraits hanging in a way to ensure they look at each other forever.

Example 2: Our landscaping is so stunning because a man that had proposed to his girlfriend on our grounds and wanted to make certain that the beautiful scenery he got for his proposal would be around always so when, after years of happy marriage, she passed, he generously donated to the school.

7. Caf brunch.

Truly the best of the best.

8. We have a canine ambassador.

Goldie is the cutest and sweetest golden retriever you'll ever meet and she is always at TU events or even walking around campus to perk up your spirits.

9. Greek life is a part of campus but not the end all be all.

You get to make the choice personally if Greek life is something you want as a part of your college career without feeling left out of a crucial part of TU.

10. You're a mere 9 minutes away from downtown Tulsa, an unique place that everyone can find their niche in.

Whether you're looking for a killer arts district, someplace for fun concerts or a good game of bowling, or a variety of places to eat you'll find something in downtown Tulsa.

11. There are things for everyone to get involved with.

Whether you want to join an intramural sports team, be a part of a Harry Potter fan club, work towards ending domestic violence, have your voice heard in student government, learn how to two-step, grow in your faith with other students, get involved with community service (shoutout to True Blue Neighbors!), or join a singing sorority/fraternity, TU is the place for you.

12. We promote diversity and multiculturalism always.

Besides having an entire part of our student government dedicated to creating events that promote this, we consistently have all of our international students' backs. We also have a plethora of religions represented at our school and plenty of holy places to practice.

13. We have Gerard Clancy as a President.

'Nuf said.

14. We may be the smallest D1 school but nothing beats the feeling of cheering on TU as they win time and time again.

10/10 would recommend going to a bowl game.

15. So. Much. Free. Food.

Get to a sports game early? Free food. Go to the activities fair? Free food. Go to a meeting for a club? Free food. There is a challenge to see if for one entire semester you can get all your meals for free and it's very possible to complete.

16. Our faculty is dedicated to staying connected to the students.

In light of recent politics, they booked a reading room for open discussion.

17. It's so easy to make an organization on campus.

Ever heard of the infamous tale of the yo-yo club?

18. The classroom sizes are small and your professors know who you are.

It's really awesome to be able to go to a professor's office and them actually know your name.

19. Parking is surprisingly not a nightmare and nothing is too far away.

I complain about having to park in the "far lot" which is a mere five minute walk from my dorm room. In fact, walking from one corner of the campus to the other only takes eleven minutes max.

20. The gym has excellent hours.

Because yes, I do like to work out at 10:30 at night.

21. I always feel safe.

Every where you are on campus you can see at least two Blue Light Telephones (an immediate way to get a campus security officer to your specific location in case of emergency). Also, Campus Security will come get you wherever you are on campus and give you a ride back to your dorm if you are worried about walking across campus late at night. Finally, every student is required to complete Haven (a sexual assault prevention program).

22. The living options are diverse and awesome.

Whether you want to be in the freshman only co-ed dorm, experience suite style, live in what feels like a hotel, in Greek housing, or even in an apartment that's right on campus, there's a home for you.

23. We have so many services available to the students.

For example, the Alexander Health Center is basically a CVS Minute-Clinic right on campus.

24. We have a variety of majors and minors.

While I have a Biology major and Chemistry minor, I also have a Creative Writing minor. Whatever suits your interests you can study.

25. We have Springfest and the best Homecoming week activities.

Springfest is a week long themed celebration between spring break and finals that has fun activities every day and a giant concert near the end of the week.

26. We have the best traditions around.

A few examples (even though we have so many more):

During homecoming we tear out the big flower bed that year round has our logo and use it to build our HUGE bonfire. Also, as soon as you finish your last final your last year, you get to ring the bell on the Bayless Plaza. Finally, during orientation week the freshmen run through the fountains on Chapman Commons.

27. TU is one big family.

It's just a fact.

I don't think I could write down everything I love about this university or else the title of this article would be "2837465658 Reasons Why the University of Tulsa is the Best". Okay, maybe not 2837465658 reasons exactly. But it would be a very large number.

Reign 'Cane!

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