27 Accomplishments Lehigh's Class Of 2017 Will Never Forget
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27 Accomplishments Lehigh's Class Of 2017 Will Never Forget

Our time at Lehigh is coming to an end but our legacy will always live on! #LehighStrong

27 Accomplishments Lehigh's Class Of 2017 Will Never Forget
Lehigh University

Throughout our four years at Lehigh, it is easy to get too focused on four o'clock exams and overlook all of the individual and team accomplishments that occur outside of the classroom. Although it would be impossible to capture all of the class of 2017 individual and team achievements, here is a taste of the highlights that our class, as well as some notable alumni, will remember for the rest of our lives:

1. Orientation: our first taste of Lehigh spirit!

2. OFYE Staff welcomes the first-year class

3. Darian Cruz becomes 2017 NCAA Division 1 champ at 125 pounds

4. Lehigh Softball Team Wins 2014-2015 Patriot League Championship

5. Corey Schmalze represents Lehigh on Jeopardy

6. Lehigh Men's Soccer Team Wins 2015 Patriot League Championship

7. Lehigh Graduate 86' Cathy Engelbert becomes CEO of Deloitte in 2015, making her the first female CEO of a Big Four firm

8. Lehigh swimmers Justin, Jacob, and Jamal compete in US AT&T Winter National Championships

9. Lehigh Baseball team wins the 2015 Patriot League Baseball Championship

10. Lehigh Football team wins the 2016 Patriot League Football Championship

11. Lehigh's HyperLoop team placed 10th in the World at the Silicon Valley SpaceX HyperLoop Pod Competition

12. John Simon becomes Lehigh's 14th President and then gets on Instagram

13. Tim Kempton gets back to back Patriot League Basketball player of the year

14. Nas and Angela Davis come to Zoellner Arts Center to speak on mass incarceration

15. University Production hosts Big Sean, French Montana, and A$AP Ferg for spring concert

16. Colleges Against Cancer raises $146,000 for cancer awareness

17. "Lehigh in Focus" campaign captures Lehigh's wide-range of personalities

18. Humans of Lehigh gives the Lehigh community a closer look into our classmates

19. Marching Band gets invited by Former Lord Mayor Catherine Longworth of the City of Westminster to perform in London's New Years Day Parade

20. Lehigh Indian Student Association hosts Holi- one of the largest cultural event on campus

21. Comedian Shazeb Fahim wins first Lehigh's Got Talent

22. Lehigh Alum 13' CJ McCollum wins NBA's Most Improved Player award

23. Dance Fest 8 sells out Zoellner Arts Center and then delivers a phenomenal performance

24. Lehigh Melismatics goes to the ICCA Final in back-to-back years

25. Lehigh vs. Lafayette play at Yankee Stadium for the 150th Anniversary

26. Lehigh opens Williams Hall Building in 2015 as a global center for Lehigh

27. Lehigh brings together all of the diverse cultures for the 30th annual International Bazaar

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