25 Thoughts Indy Fans Have Had Watching The Colts This Year

25 Thoughts Indy Fans Have Had Watching The Colts This Year

This was supposed to be our year, wasn't it?


Heading into the 2015 NFL season, Indianapolis Colts fans had a lot to look forward to. We added some veterans to our offense, retained our superstars, and seemed to pull all the little pieces of a championship puzzle together. But now, we're midway through the season, and things haven't quite turned out the way we thought they would. Here are 21 thoughts that have tormented Colts fans, as we watch our dream season slowly slip away before our eyes.

1. I can't wait for football to start! This is our year, baby!

2. The Pats lost their dirty, cheating quarterback for a few early games, LOL.

3. Never mind, Tom Brady dodged deflate-gate and is starting week one. Sweet.

4. Doesn't matter, we've got a stacked offense after adding Frank Gore and Andre Johnson.

5. It's all right, shake it off fellas. Week one was a fluke.

6. Damn, the Patriots are still really good.

7. Okay, we just lost to the Jets. We're in trouble.

8. I miss Robert Mathis.

9. I really thought we would be winning. Why aren't we winning?

10. SportsCenter says that it's because of Chuck Pagano and we should fire his ass.

11. Now SportsCenter says we're sucking because of our offensive line.

12. What is wrong with Andrew Luck?

13. SportsCenter thinks Andrew Luck might be injured.

14. Great, Andrew Luck is injured. Time to dust off the cobwebs, Matt Hasselbeck.

15. Holy smokes, Matt Hasselbeck can still play?

16. At least our special teams has it all figured it out. #FourthDownArmy.

17. Or not. What the f*** was that?

18. It just had to be against the Patriots, didn't it?

19. Oh look, we're on the Not Top 10.

20. We look like idiots.

21. Robert Mathis is back. We're good now, right?

22. Who invited Griff Whalen to the party?

23. Oh look, we're on the Not Top 10 still.

24. Dear the rest of the AFC South, thank you for sucking even more than us. Sincerely, Colts fans.

25. At least Peyton Manning is 7-0. Go Broncos?

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