Sometime life is completely and totally overwhelming. Our jobs, classes, responsibilities and commitments can all cloud our minds. With so much in life constantly going on we can forget to be thankful. It can be hard to see how much God works in our lives everyday. But he does. Even when you might not notice it, God is always there.

Here's a list of small things God does in your life that you might not think about, that you should thank him for

1. You woke up. You got to opened your eyes this morning, that is a gift.

2. Your alarm worked

3. Your alarm didn't work. There is a reason God didn't want you to leave your house on time. There could of been a car crash or something beneficial to your life that wouldn't of had an opportunity to happen if you woke up on time.

4. The family you are blessed with. You were born to a specific family that has helped to mold you into the person you are, and the person you will be. Your family helps to give you proper tools to live our Gods plan every day.

5. The friends you get to care about and who care about you. God has people enter your life when they need to and exit your life when they need to. Never forget that.

6. The car starting when you get in it in the morning.

7. The car not starting. Remember there is a reason you aren't supposed to be driving, never forget to thank God for watching over you, even when you don't know what he is protecting you from. Also you never know, maybe he is giving you an opportunity to bless someone else's life and tell them about the Lord. (Like the mechanic or tow truck guy)

8. The slow car in front of you when you're in a rush. No matter how frustrating it is to be stuck behind a car going 40 in a 45 always remember that there could be (most definitely is) a reason that you are supposed to be slowed down. God is always watching over you.

9.The green lights that keep turning when you're late for work. God works in mysterious ways.

10. Your coworkers. People who can bring joy to your life and help you when you need it.

11. The coworkers you don't like. They give you opportunities to show Gods grace, to offer them love. And sometimes the people who seem to be against us actually help us to gain the most valuable life lessons.

12. The fact you have a job.

13. The fact you're in college (or even the fact you graduated High School)

14. The Professor you don't really like. These professors challenge you in difficult ways but give you opportunities to grow in ways you might not even understand.

15. The fellow classmates in your class. Out of all the people in your university, those fellow humans got put in a class with you. Some you will become friends with, some you will get to know and then they will pop up in your life later down the road, and some you are given the opportunity to bless their lives even if you don't know them.

16. That good grade on an assignment you really needed. Thank you Lord 🙏

17. That bad grade you didn't see coming. It pushes you to work harder. You can't always just thank God when things go good, you have to thank him when things go bad too.

18. No line at your favorite food place when you're really hungry.

19. A huge line. Look around maybe there's someone you were meant to run into.

20. Running into someone you haven't seen in awhile. Think about all the little things that had to happen in each of your lives that lead you to be in the same place at the same time.

21. Any kind of sale.

22. Anything that is free. When you get to save money, that's a clear gift from God!Ice Cream and Coffee punch cards. The free punch usually comes when you really need it, Gods timing is always perfect.

23. The weather. If it's been raining for a week straight or if you feel like it's so hot you might melt away, this is a blessing. Some blessings come is disguises.

24. Sunrises and Sunsets. Everyday starts with Gods blessings and Everyday ends with Gods blessings. Don't ever forget that.

25. All the food you got to eat today! Don't ever forget to thank God for yummy food. Even if it isn't cheat day :)