25 Things Tall Girls Can Relate To
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25 Things Tall Girls Can Relate To

My gentle giants, this one is for you.

25 Things Tall Girls Can Relate To
Brooke Cagle

To all my long-legged, giraffe beauties out there, I feel your pain.

Before we start let me answer a few questions for you:

Yes, I know I am tall. Yes, the weather is nice up here. Yes, I really am pushing 5'11." And lastly, yes both of my parents are tall.

So if you are a tall girl like me, you can probably relate to one or all of these things.

1. Getting asked, “Do you play basketball?”


2. Also being told, “You must play volleyball.”

Again, really?

3. Clothes never fit right

Jeans are NEVER the right length and usually end up cropped. Long sleeves always end just before your wrist. WHY?

4. You don't need help getting something

Reaching the top shelf has never, and I mean never been a problem.

5. Dating can be hard

Boys are literally afraid of your height. Just because I'm tall doesn't mean I don't have feelings too. :(

6. Being questioned for wearing heels

People wonder why you still wear heels but you know it’s ~fashion~ and you are serving some looks.

7. Having to bend down for everything

Whether it's giving a friend a hug or having a conversation, my thighs are burning by the end of it.

8. Sharing clothes isn't your thing

Sharing clothes with your friends was never a thing with you because they were always a size small petite like a cute little munchkin and you are a medium extra long giant.

9. Others just can't keep up

You walk incredibly fast but its just because your one stride is 6 of your best friend’s.

10. Finding someone in a crowd is easy

Yes, I can see you over all of the heads in the room. Hey, what's up?

11. Always feeling awkward

Well, being tall makes you look and feel super awkward at times. Let’s just face it.

12. Dresses literally do not cover your butt

It's a serious struggle.

13. Thigh high boots hit your knee or below

Will anything ever fit right?

14. Knowing your place in photos

When taking group pictures, you always walk to the back of the group.

15. Falls are so much worse

The long slow painful fall to the ground if you trip and fall...is horrible.

16. Rompers show WAYY too much

I want to look cute, but I also want to keep it classy.

17. Your legs do not fit under a school desk

Scrapped knees and cramped legs are never fun after a long class.

18. The classic “How’s the weather up there”

Where did this come from? Can it go away?

19. Always being referred to as a giraffe or deer for how awkward you are

I didn't ask for this. Please stop calling me an animal.

20. Feeling like Buddy the Elf when you take a shower

Yeah, that's all I have to say.

21. Having a deep hatred for the Fingertip Rule

You know it's not fair to us tall people, but you punished us anyway.

22. Shaving your legs is a nightmare

Sometime's I can't even reach my ankles.

23. Squatting is the bane of your existence

We have to squat for literally everything. Photos, conversations, getting through doors. It's miserable.

24. Hearing “WOW, are you a model? You are SO tall!”

Is this a compliment or...? I really can't tell.

25. Feeling BLESSED and CURSED to have long legs

Some days you love it, and some you don't.

But at the end of the day, we all know that you strut your long, lanky awkward self down the hallway and give the classic, “Yes, the weather is great up here” smile.

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