25 Songs That Were On Your iPod In Middle School... And What They Say About You
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25 Songs That Were On Your iPod In Middle School... And What They Say About You

The sound of sharing headphones on the bus to your field trip.

25 Songs That Were On Your iPod In Middle School... And What They Say About You
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We all remember the glory of our childhoods. We were professionals at pictochat. We hated when the playground mulch got stuck in our crocs. We lived for plaid Bermuda shorts. Hollister and Abercrombie were the epitome of fashion. We someone still remember the Education Connection commercial. This thread is for the nostalgic. Here are all the songs you had on your middle school iPod. You remember your first MP3 player. You had an iPod shuffle in your favorite color, and when you got your iPod touch, you made sure to tell everyone "It's basically a phone". Here is everything you listened to and what it means about who you are.

1. Fergalicious

If you listened to Fergalicious in middle school, you probably had an older sister or a cool babysitter who introduced the song to you. You probably learned the fast part at the end of the song to show off to your friends and you probably get flashbacks listening to it now.

2. Umbrella

If you listened to Umbrella by Rhianna, you were probably creative. You were the type to draw in the corner of your papers and were probably kind of shy.

3. Down

If you listened to Down by Jay Sean, you probably were trying to impress the boys in your class by knowing "rap" and you probably got really lit to it when it came on at the homecoming dance.

4. Tik Tok

If you were a fan of Kesha, you were probably sheltered and felt like a badass listening to tik tok. You definitely were into glitter and probably went through a phase where you really cared about eyeliner.

5. Replay

If you listened to Replay, you were probably lots of fun and very well-liked. You were unproblematic and probably a good time to be around and got invited to all the sleepovers.

6. Party in the U.S.A

If you listened to Party in the U.S.A, you probably watched Hannah Montanna religiously. You lived for the end of the year celebration and probably wore a lot of denim.

7. Like a G6

If you listened to Like a G6, you hosted a lot of bonfires. You thought you were different than other girls and probably were really into field day.

8. Magic

If you listened to B.o.B, you probably thought the name Bob was really funny for some reason and definitely made up your own dance moves to this song at some point.

9. Halo

If you liked Halo, you were probably really sweet. You watched a lot of teen nick and were generally unproblematic. You minded your business and always wore the cutest clothes.

10. Paparazzi

If Paparazzi was your favorite, you're probably dramatic now. You definitely felt like the song was about you and pretended you were famous. You most likely pretended like you hate attention but secretly loved it.

11. Super Bass

If you get dementia or lose your memory, you will probably forget your phone number, your favorite color, your best friends' names, everything before you ever dare forget the rap to Super Bass.

12. One Time

If you liked early Justin Bieber, you have either given up on him completely because you don't like how he is now or you are still absolutely obsessed with him- there is no in-between. You probably know who Christian Beedles is and were probably really into youtube.

13. Unwritten

You listened to this in the shower. You thought dancing in the rain made you spontaneous and unique. You were carefree and definitely owned a pair of butterfly hair clips.

14. Circus

If you listened to Britney Spears, you're a bad bitch now.

15. I Gotta Feelin

If you were a Black Eyed Peas fan, you were probably really cool at the lunch table. You were really chill but still super outgoing and had a big group of friends. You always had cute clothes but never made a big deal about them.

16. Cooler Than Me

You were popular. You had the coolest birthday party and spent a lot of time planning it. You probably tried really hard to fit into the cool group and were probably kind of loud in class. You were also bad at math.

17. BedRock

You had absolutely no idea what any of these lyrics meant and were probably horrified when you found out and got older. You probably were kind of wild and rode the bus to school and sat in the back with the older kids.

18. Apologize

If you listened to One Republic, you would listen to it with your head against the bus window pretending to be the main character in a popular coming-of-age film. You probably got way too sad over your breakup with your boyfriend or always had friend drama that you pretended was never your fault.

19. Viva La Vida

If you were into Coldplay, your dad probably showed you this song and you pretended not to like it because you thought your parents weren't cool then secretly downloaded it because you couldn't let them know you liked their music.

20. Leavin'

If you liked Jesse McCartney, you pretended you thought he was hot to fit in. You're super girly. You probably told everyone your favorite color was pink and always wanted a Teen Beat magazine at the grocery store.

21. Gives You Hell

If you listened to All American Rejects, you thought you were a badass. This is the first "bad word" you said and you thought you were so tough for saying it and made sure to let people know it was your favorite song. You probably would request this in P.E and make a big deal when they wouldn't play it.

22. What Makes You Beautiful

You are still upset that One Direction broke up and cope with it by obsessing over Harry Styles. You are definitely hot now and always had a boyfriend. You are now really into the Bachelor and really in touch with pop culture.

23. Kiss Me Thru the Phone

... life comes at you fast

If you liked Soulja Boy, you played sports and wanted the boys to like you and you felt that you weren't like other girls and were always good friends with a lot of guys.

24. 5 O'Clock

If you liked T-Pain, you probably were reserved then got wild as you got older. You were popular to some extent. You thought you were the first of your friends to discover the song. You act like a badass but are secretly a sucker for cheesy romance.

25. Billionaire

You thought "freakin" was a cool way to replace a bad word without getting in trouble. You're funny and probably made the whole class laugh. You tried to be chill and come across as relaxed but were really fun and out there.

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