The 25 People You See on Homecoming

1. The mom who dragged her unwilling kids through the 3 hour drive from the ‘burbs, just to go to a freezing cold football game. 

2. The 28 year-old grad who came back to get drunk at Lion and pretend like he never graduated. 

3. The overly involved football dad who is forcing his current U of I student kids to give up their plans of getting drunk at Lion and go see the game with him.

4. The parents who came back purely to tailgate, cooler full of handles ready to drink with their college aged son. 

5. The mom who wants to buy a ton of U of I apparel but is horrified by with the price of everything. 

6. The students who graduated last year and are coming back for the most epic reunion ever. 

7. The ISU students who just came here to party. 

8. The alum who’s super disappointed that no one seems to really care about homecoming but the alums.

9. The four year-old child of an alum who’s totally disoriented by the amount of orange he’s seeing. 

10. The lost alum who forgot how to navigate campus.

11. The alum who is trying to get their high school daughter to go to U of I so they act way too cheerful.

12. The alums who get lost while using the bus system. 

13. That one kid in your PSYC 100 who went all out in with orange and blue body paint everywhere.

14. The kid who’s just trying to study but can’t concentrate because the football game is so loud he can hear it in his dorm room. 

15. The students who are just going to the football game for the tailgating. 

16. The students who spend more time taking selfies and updating their Snapchat stories then actually watching the game. 

17. The member of the flags team who’s pumped for homecoming and has been practicing all semester for this moment. 

18. The nervous football player. Better win… or at least TRY to win. 

19. The crazed football fan yelling at the team to do things differently. 

20. The fans glaring at said crazed football fan for interrupting them from browsing Yik Yak or texting back their Tinder match. 

21. The oh-so-sad, half-full Block-I section freezing in the stands. 

22. Students and parents from the school we're playing against, AKA the ENEMY (even if they are better at football then us).

23. That drunk kid who went way too hard and is hammered before the game even begins.

24. The alum who graduated last year who came back to block with her sorority sisters.

25. The 30-year-old alum kicking it in his old frat house getting drunk and reminiscing about the good ol' days. 

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