25 Things I Didn't Think I Needed For College
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Student Life

25 Things I Didn't Think I Needed For College

College students' most overlooked items on back-to-school lists.

25 Things I Didn't Think I Needed For College
Kendra Fix

Pretty soon, you are going to be moving into your first college dorm room. It's about time to start thinking about what you are going to pack and actually USE once you're in college. Once you are living in your dorm room, you begin to realize that you need some objects that you did not think you needed before.

You also are thankful for some of things you did bring to school. The Internet is full of different lists of the big things that people think of when they move to college.

Here is a list of things that people do not think too much about—things that I didn't think I needed for college, but they proved to be helpful.

1. Containers to pack your stuff in

This is a good starting point. Having big containers to pack your stuff in will make your life easier when it comes to moving in and out of your dorm room. They may be heavy, but they create less trips. It will also save you space while you are packing in your room.

2. A small fan

Those first couple of weeks are extremely hot. The air conditioning may not be all that it is cracked up to be, so a small fan will help you cool off a little bit. It will also be helpful if you and your roommate have different opinions on room temperature.

3. A drawer set

This is one that I had to come back home for. Storage is an issue in a tiny dorm room. A drawer set can fit under you bed. It can be home to toiletries, first aid items, extra towels, and other random items.

4. Vanity organizer

This one is mostly for the girls. Your vanity will become scattered with makeup, hair products, and other miscellaneous items. By the second semester, my roommate and I decided that we needed a solution. Baskets, hanging organizers, what ever it may be are necessary for keeping that place organized.

5. Hamper and wash basket all in one

I didn't think much about this when I bought my hamper, but I learned that the hamper I bought was a blessing. It stood up like a wash basket and could be zippered to make a wash basket. This way it was easy to make trips to the laundry room.

6. Detergent rather than Pods

There is something about college washers that do not like pods. I have had the plastic from the Pods stay on my clothing. My recommendation is learn how to measure the regular detergent and bring that.

7. HDMI cord

If you are bringing a TV, this one is helpful. This way you can plug your laptop into your TV for movie nights or Netflix watching.

8. Shower caddy

If you are living in a dorm with a community bathroom, a shower caddy is a must. Make sure you pick one that is big enough for everything you need to take to the shower, but is still easy enough to store.

9. Crate organizer

This is similar to the drawer idea. I had a set in my closet and a set under my bed. They can organize anything from shoes to books. They are definitely nice to have.

10. Printer

My mom got a printer on sale halfway through my first semester and brought it to me. I didn't think it was something I needed until I had it. On busy weeks the printing server can get backed up. Just make sure you follow the college guidelines in terms of not setting up the wireless network on the printer.

11. Desk organizer

Desks easily get messy. That being said, desk organizers are a must. You will need something to organize pens, tacks, paper clips, sticky notes and other desk necessitates.

12. A small extra bag

An extra bag is nice to have in case you don't feel like taking your backpack or taking everything out of your backpack. If you need to bring only a few items to a club meeting or an event, then the small bag will be helpful.

13. Rain coat or umbrella

The first rainy day on campus is your worst nightmare when you realize you don't have an umbrella or a rain coat. Trust me, I've been there.

14. Rain boots

It is the same idea as the rain coats and umbrellas. The first rainy day that you go out in sneakers or flats is miserable. Rain boots are a savior.

15. Refillable water bottles

Trust me, you will be carrying these with you everywhere. You are able to fill them up at water bottle filling stations on campus. You will save money because you won't have to buy plastic water bottles.

16. Gallon jugs of water

I found these nice to have in my dorm room to either fill up my water, fill up my Keurig or change the water in my fish's bowl. This is also cheaper than buying a case of water bottles.

17. Favorite movies

On the weekends, movie nights are the best. It is fun to share your favorite movies with your new friends who have not seen them. They're also fun for nostalgia purposes.

18. Pictures

Pictures are the perfect decorations for your room. They are also nice to have when you are missing home.

19. Christmas lights

The lights in the dorm room can be bright and overwhelming. Christmas lights are nice to hang on the perimeter of your room to turn on when the overhead light is too much. They are perfect to have on at night before you go to bed or when you are watching a movie.

20. Plastic utensils and paper plates

Take it from me, you are not going to feel like washing your dishes in the bathroom sink. Plastic wear is so much easier to have in the room.

21. Paper towels

Messes happen, even in college. Paper towels help with those messes.

22. Room air freshener

Some days it just smells funky for no reason at all. I recommend Febreeze Greek Seaside.

23. Power strip with long cords

There are a limited amount of outlets in the room for a large amount of chargers and appliances. Those outlets can be in inconvenient places as well, so make sure you pick out a power strip with a long cord.

24. Area rug

Even if you have carpet in your room, an area rug is a good idea. Those carpets have seen a lot of action and have stains to show it. An area rug will help brighten up the room while covering up the stains. If you have tile floor, the area rug in your room will be refreshing.

25. Fun facts

Alright, so this isn't an object for your room, but you will thank me for it later. Every class, every orientation activity, and every club will ask you for a fun fact about yourself. Think of some now so you aren't caught off guard later.

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