25 Lessons Lake Life Teaches Us
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25 Lessons Lake Life Teaches Us

"lake life is the best life"

25 Lessons Lake Life Teaches Us

1. You don't tell time by clocks, you tell it by the sun

2. Playing tag in the water is 10x better than on land

3. You were also learning to drive a boat while everyone was learning to drive a car


5. You do the friendly wave thing at every boat you pass

6. Restaurants on the water don't require shoes and a shirt for service

7. The water makes just as good of a bathroom (not for poop, kids)

8. Boats are beautiful and learn to admire them

9. How to (properly) dock a boat

10. White swimsuits won't stay white for long

11. Life jackets may not be cool, but they're lifesavers (especially when being booted from a tube)

12. Sitting backwards on a tube is awesome and a really bad decision (especially when being whipped)

13. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate (not always with water ;)

14. If you fall off the tube- your hands go straight into the air (especially on holiday weekends)

15. You become a pro turtle-hunter

16. The sandbar is a great place to make friends with complete strangers

17. The neighbors dog is everyone's dog

18. You have the ice cream trucks route down to a T

19. You accept help from strangers when you have boat problems in the middle of the lake

20. Putting a worm on a hook ain't nothing

21. What even is a cellphone?

22. Cornhole is a daily occurence

23. It's not a family meal if you aren't crowding around a table

24. You know how to keep track of your beach towel

25. The lake life is the best life

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