1. Reusable water bottle

A cute and easy way to go green.

2. Comfortable pair of shoes

Think Birkenstocks, TOMS, trendy sneakers or any other sandal with support.

3. Go-to perfume

It doesn't have to be anything high end, but get yourself a new scent for a new season!

4. Headband

For those baby hairs that won't cooperate with the humidity.

5. Facial spray or toner

Rose water spray really does work wonders.

6. Face mask

My favorites are from Formula 10.0.6, which can be found at ULTA Beauty.

7. Hand/ cuticle salve

Even though the drying winter months are over, this stuff is wondrous.

8. Beach blanket

For the sand, the park, a picnic... the list goes on.

9. Sunglasses

Stylish, as well as helpful for driving. Check out this boutique.

10. SPF

Face lotion, sunscreen, tanning oil, lip balm, you name it.

11. Disposable camera, underwater camera or underwater case

For those memories you need to document.

12. Good reads

A good book is a must for a day outside in your backyard or an afternoon at the pool.

13. Aloe

Because sunburn happens to the best of us.

14. Chapstick

Growing up, I learned the hard way that your lips can get sunburned easily. This is my favorite SPF chapstick.

15. Every day sundress

For those mornings when you simply don't want to put on pants or shorts.

16. Teeth whitening strips

A simple way to enhance your appearance this summer.

17. Self tanner or bronzer

This one's not for everyone, but for the girls who want to look like they just got back from the Caribbean islands, this stuff will help you out.

18. Dry shampoo

To avoid the timely struggle of washing, shampooing, conditioning and drying your hair.

19. Waterproof mascara

If you want to wear makeup to the pool or beach this is essential.

20. Leave in conditioner or detangling spray

Super important if you're going to be swimming a lot this summer.

21. Insulated bag or cooler

These are perfect for day-trips or beach trips if you want to pack lunch, fruit or cold drinks.

22. Hat

If you already have a baseball cap and want to try something new, opt for a floppy hat.

23. Portable charger

The last thing you should have to worry about this summer is your phone battery.

24. Blender

Stop spending all your paychecks on smoothies and Açaí bowls! There are tons of recipes that you can try at home.

25. Killer playlist, aux cord and speaker

What's a drive to the beach, or a summer night with friends, without some good tunes?