25 Fictional Male Characters Who Women Wish Were Real
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25 Fictional Male Characters Who Women Wish Were Real

Beyond their appearances

25 Fictional Male Characters Who Women Wish Were Real

There are always those fictional characters who we wish were real. I can speak on behalf of the women when I say I fall in love with a new character every time I watch something new. I hate to admit it, but my love life would be complete if these fictional men were actually real! I have compiled here a list of fictional male characters who I believe a majority of women would be thrilled about if they were real.

1. Tim Riggins (Friday Night Lights)

Not only is he a total bad a** and star athlete, but he has the biggest heart ever.

2. Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl)

Sophisticated, sexy millionaire..should I say more?

3. Coach Eric Taylor (Friday Night Lights)

Smart, caring, attractive older man...I just wouldn't want to talk football with him.

4. Nathan Scott (One Tree Hill)

He changed himself to please the woman he loves! Super selfless!

5. Lucas Scott (One Tree Hill)

Super amazing athlete, intelligent, and courageous.

6. Nate Archibold (Gossip Girl)

He has his flaws, but he still is one fine looking man.

7. Jack Shepard (Lost)

He was a leader both on and off the island, and was the bravest man of all.

8. Magic Mike (Magic Mike)

He speaks for himself.

9. Noah (The Notebook)

Even though he and Ally fought a lot, he always let her know his love was unconditional for her.

10. Jake Ryan (16 Candles)

Most popular kid in the school actually seeing girls for who they really are...mature alert!

11. Uncle Jessie (Full House)

Musically talented and gorgeous...Aunt Becky I'm jealous!

12. Alex Moran (Blue Mountain State)

Even though the viewers technically don't know his football abilities...he is still a babe.

13. Batman (Batman)

His deep mysterious voice...ugh!

14. Troy Bolton (High School Musical)

He can sing, dance, dominate the basketball court and have time for a girlfriend...yes please!

15. Billy Hope (Southpaw)

The love he had for his wife is like no other...can a man love me like that?

16. Christian Grey (50 Shades of Grey)

There's something about elevators?

17. Jacob (Twilight Series)

He took werewolf to a whole other level.

18. Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street)

I want to be lathered in his luxurious lifestyle.

19. Dusty Mayron (Daddy's Home)

Any new man should definitely be intimidated by this hunky, cool ex-husband.

20. Joe Kingman (Game Plan)

He rightfully deserved sexiest man alive. Muscular, strong, big, funny, and sensitive...I'll take that!

21. Chandler Bing (Friends)

Gotta love his humor!

22. Will (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)

From West Philidelphia born and raised.

23. Tripp (Failure to Launch)

So what he's a Mama's Boy?

24. Happy Gilmore (Happy Gilmore)

A man who takes care of his grandma...you know he's a sensitive one.

25. Colin Sullivan (The Departed)

Hot, young, and honest cop.

These are only some of the men that I could think of off the top of my head that drive women crazy, but there are many more. Ladies, start dreaming!

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