23 Things You Understand If You Have A Big Family
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23 Things You Understand If You Have A Big Family

From intermediate to extended, family is family, good or bad.

23 Things You Understand If You Have A Big Family
Margot Farnet

Large families, immediate or extended, have their fair share of ups and downs. Simple tasks, such as leaving the house, going out to eat or picking a movie, can seem impossible. More people signifies more opinions and more decisions to be made, but big families do not mind. Even through the disagreements, sticky situations and less-than-flattering war stories about bathroom schedules, we realize that we are lucky enough to receive an immense amount of love from so many people.

1. Getting ready to leave the house can be downright painful.

“We are leaving in 10 minutes” is translated to “We will probably finally leave the house in an hour or two.”

2. Car rides: The land of no room and lap sitting.

Older siblings are made to function as airbags…right??

3. You get used to people calling you by your siblings’ names.

Sometimes the world just cannot seem to get it right. Even the dogs' names are used if the parents are mad enough. After a while, you just accept your fate and respond to whatever name happens to come out.

4. Board games can be hazardous to your health

A “family night” game of cards can turn real bloody real quick.

5. The struggle of deciding where to eat.

“Where do you want to eat?” “I do not know… Where do you want to eat?” Making decisions is hard when presented with so many opinions.

6. And once you finally decide where to eat, simply ordering the seven dishes it takes to feed the family will take about an hour.

7. Dinner is a sprint, not a marathon.

If you do not shove food down your throat fast enough, you may not get seconds.

8. You are convinced that grocery stores are out to get you.

Why does everything come in packs of two or four??

9. Mom does not cook for a family, she cooks for an army!

10. Sitting through endless soccer games and dance recitals.

Because supporting a sibling is more important than having fun.

11. The Kiss of Peace during church on Sunday.

The whole congregation is ready for the next prayer. Meanwhile, you channel your inner yogi, stretching across five bodies to quickly dab up your brother.

12. Privacy just does not exist.

“Oh you are going to the bathroom?…well I just need to brush my teeth, comb my hair and write a novel real quick.”

13. Sneaking into hotel rooms has become resume-worthy skill.

Who says this room is meant for four people? Well someone can take the couch cushions and we can make pads on the floor from the comforters of the beds.

14. Hand-me-downs make up your entire wardrobe.

Honestly, the first articles explicitly yours were the towels that your friend’s mom bought you for a high school graduation/off-to-college gift.

15. Christmas morning starts at 8 a.m. and present-opening does not end until about 11 a.m.

From the handmade items to the store bought ones, everyone has presents for everyone. Not a bad deal.

16. Baby sitters? What are those?

Because siblings are basically free labor for mom and dad.

17. You know how to play The Blame Game like a pro.

Your alibi is tight and your defense is always at the ready. More siblings signifies more opportunity to land someone else in trouble.

18. Haircutting is also a free commodity (even if it turns out poorly).

Who needs a professional when you have a mom with scissors in her hand?

19. You were at least 17 before you found out it was possible to only have three cousins.

The phrase “Yeah my mom’s brother only has two kids” is completely foreign to you.

20. Even in your twenties, it is not rare to meet a new family member.

Because your second cousin’s great aunt’s daughter’s son is just as much a part of the family as your siblings.

21. Second cousins are basically first cousins.

Family is family.

22. Family reunions are not just “get-together” dinners. They are full-on events.

It is half “Hey! How are you?” half “Oh wow. I am related to all of these people”

23. Big families are the best.

From mom and dad to brothers and sisters to aunts, uncles and cousins, you always have an amazing support system and endless love.

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