1. "I have three exams this week — UGH."

2. "I really need to study but also 'Grey's Anatomy' comes on this week."

3. "Are you going to the party tonight?" "No, I have to study."

4. "Wanna get dinner and then go cry in the library together?"

5. "I'm exhausted."

6. "I'll have a large cup of coffee with extra cream and sugar and two shots of espresso."

7. "I see a dog. Can I pet the dog? I really need a dog RN."

8. "I could really use a taco right now."

This one is for me personally.

9. "Why are the dining halls so crowded?! I just want my tacos from Qdoba."

10. "Do you think I can get away with a C on this exam?"

11. "I don't think I can go out this week... I have four exams I really need to study for but haven't yet."

12. "God, college is hard."

13. "Stripping would be so much easier...and I don't need a college degree!"

14. "How many questions can I miss in order to have a "passing" grade?"

15. "What if I just didn't show up? What if I just stayed in bed and watched Netflix for 5 hours?"

16. "My soul is crumbling RN."

17. "Wait... that homework was due?"

18. "What did I just read?"

19. "I wonder how much time and effort it takes in being a trophy wife..."

20. "Maybe I could be an Instagram model if college doesn't work out"


21. "I've literally been in the lib for 12 hours straight. Get me out of here."

22. If I fall asleep in Newman, will you wake me up in 22 minutes?

23. Is there an online Quizlet for that test?