23 Reasons Why I'm Thankful
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23 Reasons Why I'm Thankful

Everyone has things they are thankful for in life, and here are my reasons why I'm thankful.

23 Reasons Why I'm Thankful

Everyone has a list of things that they say they are thankful for. Some go the whole month of November, some people go until the day of Thanksgiving. Since Thanksgiving is this week, I'm only going to give 23 reasons why I'm thankful this year.

1. Family

I wouldn't be where I am today without my family. They have helped me through the ups and downs of the past 19 years. They've encouraged me to make the best decisions for myself, and to follow my dreams. They stand by my side and hold my hand as I make my own path through this thing called life. So, thank you to all of my family!

2. Friends

Next to family, my friends have been a great source of comfort and strength throughout my life. My closest friends (you know who you are) especially helped me through middle school and high school. I never really thought about how hectic school was because they were able to help me to take my mind off of everything that was going on. They were my rocks when I needed one outside of my family. Special shout out to my best friend, a girl I've known since fifth grade and has been through hell herself. We'll never give up and we will keep moving forward no matter what.

3. Significant Other

We may not have been together very long... But, I'm really thankful to have him this year. He's been there to hold my hand and help me through things. He's a great source of comfort, laughter, strength, and joy.

4. My Pets

Despite being a huge pain in my butt with their sassy and ornery attitudes, I love my pets. They're a different source of comfort when times are rough, and also great to play with and get your mind off of the daily hardships. I love my fluffy and spiky animals!

5. Teachers

Of course there are specific teachers who have helped me a ton more than others, but all of them have been able to teach me something. I do have a special shout out for my high school art teachers. They were a huge impact in my life, and really helped me get through my doubts of what I wanted to do. I was able to really settle for what I wanted to do through talking with them. So thank you to all of them!

6. Truck Drivers

I'm thankful for the men and women who help this world keep going. Without truck drivers, we all wouldn't get the food or resources we need to live. They bring us the things we like to do, the things we like to have. Without them giving up their lives, the time they could be spending with their families we wouldn't have our necessities or luxuries.

7. Military

A lot of my own family members have or are serving in the military. This is for all of those who have or are serving, because I understand how rocky it can be and how scary it can be for the family at home when they are on their missions. These men and women give up a LOT of their time and lives to the military, leaving their families sometimes without any idea of where they are. They fight for our freedoms, our ability to speak out, our ability to have our homes be safe and secure. THANK YOU so much to the men and women who have given up so much time to keep us safe.

8. Life

I'm thankful for my life. There have been ups and downs, hardships, tears, laughter, joy, and celebration. I may have really wished for a different life at some of the harder times, but I really wouldn't ever give up my life for another. If I did I wouldn't be who I am today!

9. My Bed

This is more humorous, but I'm thankful for my bed. Why? Well, because it's comfy and it lets me sleep on it all the time. Yes, it is an inanimate object. I'm still very thankful for it though. :D

10. Schools - College

I'm thankful for having had the chance to go to all the schools I did. Elementary all the way up to college, I'm thankful for all of them because of the opportunities they've offered me as well as the help they gave me to be able to continue on in my education. I'm especially thankful for being able to go to college. It's not cheap, and it's a lot of work, but I'm loving every single minute of it!

11. The Odyssey

I'm thankful for The Odyssey! Being a creator for it has given me the opportunity to speak out as well as write to my hearts content! I know that I have sometimes missed a week, due to being busy with college, family, and life in general, but being able to write for The Odyssey has provided me with the opportunity to keep my creativity going!

12. Car

Having your own car that you pay for and all that can be tough. But it's also a great experience. I'm thankful to have my own car, to be able to go to my job, meetings, and other activities without having to rely on others as much as I used to. I'm thankful that I can be even more independent because I have it.

13. Job

I'm thankful for my job because it has given me the ability to be more independent and be able to pay for the things I want as well as some things I need. It's provided me the opportunity to help around my house a bit more as well, and also makes sure that I can keep paying for my car!

14. Groups I'm In

I have been in quite a few groups, and I'm thankful for all of them. They have all helped me grow in some way or another that has helped shape me into who I am today. Take Job's Daughters and Debate for examples. They both have helped me get out of my shy little bubble and talk publicly with confidence rather than all nervous and scared.

15. Books

I know that paper is made from trees and books have been a part of why a lot of trees have been cut down. But there is seriously nothing like opening up a new book, smelling the freshly printed pages, and reading it! I love books, and as weird as it is, I'm thankful for them because inside each one is a lesson that everyone can learn from. I'm grateful for those as well as the way they give me the ability to escape into a different world for a while, to imagine being in a different universe and to help me expand my own horizon.

16. Art

Art has been a huge part of my life, my entire life. I love art and how it gives me the ability to express thoughts, feelings, and beliefs through the many different mediums available for me to use. I'm thankful for art, because it's a way that I have been able to let go of and get through some of the hardest times in my life.

17. Mom

This is kind of a special shout out, but I'm really grateful for my mom. She's helped me a lot. She's helped me see how hard work can get you far, as well as not to be scared of being a single mom if that's the best thing to do for your kids. She's a rock, a strength that I have looked up my entire life. She's given up a lot of things in her life to make sure that my siblings and I get the things that we need. I love you mom! THANK YOU.

18. Siblings

These ones drive me crazy basically every day of every week of every month of every year since they've been born, but I guess I still like them. We've had our ups and downs, the arguments as well as the actual fights. But I know that in the end, when it comes down to the most important things and times, they are going to be right beside me and help me get through the bad as well as walk with me through the good. I love them, even as they make me wanna pull my hair out.

19. Coworkers

Now, I'm not just thankful for them because they're sometimes able to take over my shift if I'm sick or can't make it due to other things going on, although I am very thankful for that. No, I'm thankful for the fact that they have gone out of their way to make me feel welcomed, to make sure that I know how to do things correctly, to make me laugh when I feel down, and to become my friend. Without them being as great as they are, I'm sure I would have already left and found a different job.

20. Grandparents

Now I know I said family earlier, but I also have to be exclusively thankful for some of the special people in my life. My grandparents are special to me, and a great source of comfort, lessons, and strength. They also just might be my relationship goal, because they have made it through a lot of things together, getting through the rough and tough together and making some beautiful babies that in turn gave them some pretty awesome grand babies (if I do say so myself). Huge shout out for all the help they have given me, be it with my car, crafts, or cooking. You guys are the best!

21. Opportunities

Through out my life I have been granted quite a few opportunities that have helped me grow into who I am today. They have given me the ability to grow, to learn and to find more reasons to love life as I go through it.

22. Law Enforcement/Emergency Responders

These men and women do a lot for the world. I know they also give up time they could be spending with their families! Or have to leave in the middle of family things because they're on call. There are so many things that they do. They do their best to save all the lives they can, and will grieve with the family if they are unable to. They're the best kind of people, sincere, nice, and smart in the work that they do. Thank you for all you do!

23. Lessons

I'm thankful for the bad things that have happened. Those lessons that we all hate but end up being thankful for because of what we were able to learn from them. I really don't like having to go through them, because they can be painful, but in the end they are really great lessons to have. A little heart break can go a long ways in life!

So, I know it's a long list, but these are the 23 things I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving. I hope everyone has a great turkey day, and travels safely! Happy Thanksgiving!

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